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WWE 24 – The Hardy Boyz: Woken Review



The Hardy Boyz are one of the most coherent and exciting tag teams ever to grace a wrestling ring. Along with Edge and Christian and The Dudleys, they made the TLC match what it is today, and at Money in the Bank PPVs you’re always wondering how the superstars involved are going to top the heights we’re used to witnessing whenever Jeff dived from the highest of heights.

The 7-time Tag Team Champions will undoubtedly enter the WWE Hall of Fame in the future, and both are already seen as the greatest tag team in the WWE, but there was a time when both men could’ve died and lost everything. They both became addicted to muscle stimulants, painkillers, alcohol and other class A drugs, giving in to their demons and indulging in a lifestyle similar to the one they’d created in the ring. It’s an amazing story, one that’ll have you cry, laugh, but most importantly learn just how tough it can be to stay on top of such a challenging and draining business.

The latest episode of WWE 24, titled The Hardy Boyz: Woken, showed a raw and unfiltered account of two wrestlers pushed to the limit by their own ambition, and the toll that the constant need to perform to such a high standard can take you to the very edge. It’s amazing seeing so openly how Matt and Jeff’s demons caused them to turn addiction. Watching them in the ring doing the things they did, never knowing how much their extreme performances were affecting their bodies and minds, was eye-opening and incredibly moving.

It was hard to watch at times, seeing Matt fall asleep when trying to film a promo, and knowing just how out of it Jeff was when he faced one of his icons, Sting in TNA, forcing Eric Bischoff to change the outcome of a match by coming out to the ring and giving Jeff Hardy some strict orders in front of the world. It was a documentary that never held back or shied away from the seriousness of addiction, but it also showed just how much the wrestling world, Vince, and the WWE cared for Team Xtreme. Redemption is the main theme, but also love amongst the industry. The story about A.J. Styles being annoyed with them and Christian telling Matt he was likely going to die if he carried on popping pills showed you just how much of a family the WWE Universe is.

The WWE worked closely with Reby Sky, the police, and even TNA to make the documentary. You are given a no holds barred account of The Hardy Boys’ fall from grace and ultimate return to new heights. Watching their emergence at Wrestlemania 33 will give you chills as well as the tears to accompany the powerful moment they return to the WWE. Broken Matt is one of the finest reinventions of a character wrestling has ever witnessed, and learning about its inception is a highlight. Matt Hardy puts a lot of thought into the character, and reliving some of the funniest moments of its run in TNA was hilarious, especially when he fights the kangaroo.

Reby Sky adds a lot of heart to the documentary, highlighting the love a woman has for her man when he’s at his lowest, and being strong through the hardest of times. She was pivotal in Matt’s comeback, and seeing her love for her husband despite his demons is touching and inspirational. The main focus towards the end is seeing how Jeff Hardy still struggles. Right before Wrestlemania 34 he was arrested following a DWI, and it was frustrating to see him fall once again. He never  makes excuses for his actions, though. He knows he messed up, but he always fights to turn his life around. Matt even says he still worries for his brother, and as the documentary draws to a close you’re left wishing and hoping Jeff stays strong.

Either way, The Hardy Boyz: Woken is the best WWE 24 documentary ever featured on the WWE Network. Knowing now that both Matt and Jeff are in a good place is a comforting thought, but after watching – learning how it was all so close to going wrong – you’re thankful that things turned out the way they did. The Hardy Boyz are here to stay. Whether they are together or are partaking on their own journey, one thing is clear: the WWE is better for having them as a part of the family.

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.