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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar retains in Jeddah



Although he was able to hit five spears, with the last one sending his opponent through a steel cage, Roman Reigns was still unable to capture the Universal Championship today at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Brock Lesnar’s 390-day reign as Universal Champion will continue after a controversial finish to his steel cage match with Reigns, putting him in a position where he could surpass CM Punk’s modern day World Championship record of 434-days before even wrestling again.

After taking a couple of German Suplexes from “The Beast” early on in the contest, Reigns would hit three consecutive spears on Lesnar. Despite being unable to complete a pinfall, Reigns looked to be in control of the match — opting to escape through the front door — where he would be met by Paul Heyman. The Advocate of the Beast would give an all important assist to his client, slamming the door into the face of Reigns, putting a quick kibosh on his escape.

Lesnar would look to grab a steel chair in an attempt to punish Reigns, but he’d eat a fourth spear instead before kicking out once again.

The finishing sequence would see Reigns land multiple chair shots to the back of Lesnar, before hitting a Superman Punch that led to a 5th spear that took Lesnar off his feet and sent him through the cage onto the ground outside of the ring. Since Lesnar’s back hit the ground first, he was ruled as the winner of the match, thus retaining his Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns will still go on to face Samoa Joe at Backlash next weekend in Newark but there will be no title on the line since he wasn’t able to get the job done today in Jeddah. Brock Lesnar’s WWE future as Universal Champion remains unclear at this moment.

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