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WWE Mixed Match Challenge WK 2 Report: Big E & Carmella vs. The Miz & Asuka



Episode two of the 12-week Facebook Watch exclusive ‘Mixed Match Challenge’ series brings us a match up that pits the team of SmackDown Live’s Carmella and Big E against RAW’s Asuka and The Miz. Carmella and Big E will be wrestling for KaBOOM! and The Miz and Asuka will be wrestling for Rescue Dogs Rock.

We begin with Miss Money in the Bank herself, Carmella, who is followed by Big E. All the members of The New Day are present and are carrying mini MITB briefcases while rocking Carmella inspired singlets. Woods and Kofi head backstage while  E and Carmella skip down to the ring together hand in hand with their respective briefcases in tow. They lock arms and take a bite of pancakes (Mella happens to have one under her hat) and then toss the remains into the crowd.

Asuka is out next with a shortened version of her entrance. She’s joined by The Miz. The two pump each other up before heading down to the ring. Both teams have awesome chemistry this week.

The Miz and Big E kick things off. Miz attempts to work over E but E thrusts him off. E puts an abdominal stretch on The Miz and proceeds to spank him with Carmella cheerleads. A disgusted Miz tags Asuka. Carmella does not look ready to take on the undefeated former women’s NXT champ.

Asuka looks to lock up with Mella but she runs away. Big E gives her a big letter L that looks like something out of Sesame Street to offer to Asuka. Asuka accepts, and thanks the Princess of Staten Island before breaking the life-size letter L in half. Mella tags E back in.

Miz gets some offense on E for a few seconds before E takes him to belly-to-belly city. We then cut to Cole who attempts to explain Facebook Watch to us. Miz counters a Big Ending with a DDT. Carmella breaks up the pinfall and Asuka jumps in. Asuka and The Miz unleash a barrage of YES! kicks onto their opponents. Miz’s kicks looks worse and worse every time out. E counters the final kick from Miz and looks to slam him but Miz hops over and kicks him again. We cut to Rusev and Lana who are doing some social media work backstage. 

Miz remains in control as Mella urges E on. More boots to the face from The Miz here. E is finally able to dodge Miz who gets stuck on the second rope. Asuka tags and starts running wild with some low kicks and a flying hip attack. Asuka starts feeling herself a little too much here, she and The Miz are feeding off each other when she is met with a nasty superkick from Mella.

After some moonwalks and a little bit of offense, Mella starts slapping Asuka in the face and is met with some spinning attacks before Asuka submits her with an armbar. 

Asuka and The Miz are your winners via submission. They move onto the quarterfinals where they’ll meet the team of Sasha Banks and Finn Balor. 

In the post match interview, Asuka says something that sounds very exciting in Japanese which Miz translates:  “What Asuka said was, she has learned more on how to be a champion from me than anyone in her entire life. I am an inspiration, she has learned to be a winner from me.” Miz then does the “when my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut” bit and declares that they will dominate the Mixed Match Challenge for Rescue Dogs Rock because they are AWE-SKA. 

Reno’s Thoughts: This wasn’t quite as good as week one but it was still a fun little match. Again, you can tell both teams worked on their chemistry. Asuka came off as a mega star who just really seems to be enjoying herself out there. I’d love to see her win the Rumble this weekend. Big E and Carmella are always having a good time out there and did a ton of great social media work in the build up to the match like New Day always tends to do; they really take advantage of these mediums to keep themselves over. We’re two weeks in and I still don’t understand Facebook Watch nor do I care to — I actually watched this when they uploaded it on the Network on Thursday night — but it looks like we will be lucky enough to have Michael Cole explain the intricacies of it to us every week, like how to swipe away the chat and bring it back and such. Yipes. 

Come back and join us next week when RAW’s Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss take on SmackDown Live’s Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch in the third of eight first round match ups. 

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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