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WWE Mixed Match Challenge WK 3 Report: Braun & Alexa vs. Becky & Sami



Episode three of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Watch brings us the pairing that everyone has been waiting to see in action since the show was announced — Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. They take on the team of Becky Lynch and Sami Zayn 

The Birthday girl, Becky Lynch is out first. Zayn joins her to walk down the aisle way and Beth Phoenix informs us that they are calling themselves The Ginger Snaps. They’ll be wrestling for UNICEF. Bliss and Strowman aka Team Little Big will be wrestling for Connor’s Cure.

There’s some fun heel/face dynamic here before Becky and Sami enter the ring as Becky attempts to make Sami greet some of the fans. He’s not impressed. Braun is out next sporting a ‘Get These Hands’ cut off tee. The RAW Women’s Champ, Alexa Bliss, joins her partner and you can immediately see that these two are having a blast working together. This is going to be fun.

We cut to a video of Strowman showing Bliss how to tip cars. “Use your knees, don’t use your back,” he repeatedly instructs her. 

Lynch and Bliss start off first. The crowd starts to chant “Happy Birthday” for the Irish Lass Kicker. Lynch controls Bliss early and even gives her a noogie for good measure. Bliss is able to recover and hit a snapmare but Lynch continues to get the best of her, she even does her own version of  Sami Zayn’s patented skank which gets a great response out of her partner. 

Bliss finally tags in Strowman much to the delight of the fans, not so much to the delight of Zayn. Zayn’s first move is to roll out of the ring. “Get these hands big boy,” he taunts. Strowman comes out and chases Zayn around. He finally get his hands on his opponent but Zayn is quick to tag in Lynch. Another quick tag and now Braun is getting those lunchbox hands on him. Bliss offers some trash talk and it appears that Zayn has had enough. He tags Lynch in and asks for some time to recover. 

It’s Bliss’ time to shine now. Braun cheers her on as she works over her opponent. We head backstage where we see Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode doing the social media duties tonight on Facebook Watch. Back to the action. Bliss is working on Becky’s face now, grinding it against the ropes and pounding it against the mat with her boot. Braun says that they’ll do anything to win. Bliss agrees. She’s working over Lynch with a headlock during most of this segment until Lynch finally breaks free with a Enziguiri to tag Sami. 

It’s all Braun again. We get a lot of power moves here as you’d expect from the big man. Bliss drives Becky into the ring post as she checks on Sami. Zayn climbs over the barricade and grabs Braun’s beard when he attempts to bring him back over. Braun launches him right back. We saw Bliss roll Lynch into the ring in the background during this segment. Bliss climbs onto Stromwnan’s shoulders and hits the Twisted Bliss on Lynch for the finish. He lifts Bliss on his shoulders and she raises her RAW’s women’s title as they celebrate. 

We cut away to see Naomi and Jey Uso cut a promo for next week’s episode. They’ll be taking on Goldust and Mandy Rose, who will fill in for the injured Alicia Fox. Fox injured her tailbone last week while preparing for the Royal Rumble match. Now, back to the ring.

“We won because of my strategy,” Bliss tells Renee Young during the post-match interview. “That’s why we have a future and that’s why we’re going to win this thing.”

“Alexa’s a lot smaller than I am, let’s face the facts, but her personality is every bit as big as I am,” Braun says. “This was a team effort. We get along professionally and if I do say, personally. I mean, she’s kinda cute,” Braun continues.  “Well Braun, I think you’re kinda cute too. I mean, you’re like a big Mack truck but with a big smiley face on the front,” Bliss replies. “Thank you?” a confused Braun answers as he shrugs. “I can just say this though Braun, We’re going all the way.” The crowd chants “Yes!” like a bunch of pervs. Bliss clarifies, “All the way to a victory in the Mixed Match Challenge.” Braun roars and rips his shirt. The end. 

Reno’s Thoughts: I honestly thought that a husband and wife team like Naomi and Jey Uso would win this thing when it was first announced but if you asked me for my pick today — I’d have to go with Braun and Alexa now. The chemistry, along with them wrestling for Connor’s Cure, a major WWE charity over the past few years, almost makes them a shoo-in.

This show is definitely all about having fun and both teams brought that again on this episode. I’ve heard a lot of criticism on what they did with Braun’s character here in regards to him being a monster on RAW and a goof on this show and elsewhere, like the Elf video for example. I honestly believe that it adds layers to the character. He destroys everything in his path for three hours then he gets to team with the top female on the brand. What’s not to like? It’s truly Beauty and the Beast. If you’re into overanalyzing pro wrestling, then this definitely isn’t the show for you. Again, the key word here is fun. Throw the heel working with face stuff out the window. Braun is clearly infatuated with the bad girl here and Becky was trying to bring Sami back to the good side. WWE is actually addressing it and it is making sense for the show even if it is a bit of a gray area.

Join us next week when we get to see how Goldust and Mandy Rose work together. You already know Jey and Naomi will be on point. This will be a great working opportunity for Mandy.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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