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WWE News & Rumors for 9.25.17



Here are your news and rumors for September 25th, 2017 in regards to World Wrestling Entertainment. If you want to avoid some potential spoilers ahead, you can click this link to go back to the homepage and reassess your next move. 

• A Shield reunion is set to happen on tonight’s episode of RAW in an effort to help boost sales for next month’s TLC PPV. This comes via James McKenna of ProWrestlingSheet. Tonight’s show is already set to open with Roman Reigns joining Miz TV to answer some questions which will lead to angle between the reunited trio and The Miztourage that could end up going all the way up until Survivor Series and even beyond. The big picture is to still have Reigns challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 34 so this will certainly keep him busy in the interim with Brock off of TV.

• Maria and Mike Kanellis have announced that they are expecting. Maria confirmed via social media that she is 13 weeks pregnant with the couples first child. Maria went on to say that she will look to return to WWE with her doctor’s approval after her child is born. 

• Dolph Ziggler’s current storyline will ultimately lead into a feud with a returning Bobby Roode leading up to Detroit’s Hell in a Cell PPV.

• Donovan Dijak made his NXT in-ring debut this past Saturday night at a house show in Largo, Florida. He came up short in the main event against Aleister Black which is never a bad may to debut considering that’s how former ROH stars Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly made their TV debuts.  

• There’s been no official update on Jeff Hardy’s status moving forward in regards to the shoulder injury he was previously working with According to WOR, we will know more later on this week. As of now, Matt will be working as a singles competitor. 

• Following a slingshot spot gone wrong from Dean Ambrose that saw Cesaro over shot and smash his front teeth into the ring post, it appears that the “Swiss Cyborg” jammed his own teeth up into his gums as we originally reported last night. WWE is reporting that Cesaro will see a maxillofacial surgeon today and could actually return to action next week. WWE’s Dr. Daquino said that the teeth will most likely be removed and implants will be made after his teeth were pushed up into his upper jaw by about 3 to 4 mm. 

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