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WWE NXT #410 Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. This week will feature the culmination of the Hideo Itami versus Kassius Ohno feud with a No DQ match. Additionally, Asuka’s NXT future is revealed, Andrade Almas is in actions, and Lars Sullivan competes in a handicapped match.

Match #1: Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas  (w/ Zelina Vega) v. Cezar Bononi

Zelina Vega is joining the booth for commentary. She says she’s here to help Almas with his career. This match isn’t entirely random as Bononi defeated Almas several months ago. Almas starts off with a massive chop and a mauling in the corner. Bononi comes back with a lariat and a chop of his own. Almas gets caught with an atomic drop and a big drop kick.

Almas nails a vicious back elbow to take control. Almas wastes a little time signaling for the double knees in the corner, but Vega yells at him to finish it. Almas nails the hammerlock DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Andrade Almas via pinfall

Thoughts: I love the direction for Almas now. He’s one of the best wrestlers on the roster and the new serious character is money. I’m wondering with whom he is going to feud now? Will something continue with Gargano until Ciampa is healthy?

Backstage: After a brief recap of last week’s attack on Drew McIntyre, GM William Regal is standing by backstage. He says the trio has been told that the attacks will stop and they will compete in the ring only.

Backstage: Outside Asuka’s locker room, we are about to possibly get a hint at Asuka’s announcement later. The Velveteen Dream interrupts and says that after watching TakeOver, he has his eye on someone who needs experience and he will speak soon – despite not having the appropriate ambiance.

Match #2: Handicapped Match: Lars Sullivan v. Jake James, Alfred Watkins, & Ricky Martinez

Before the match, Sullivan says he wants all 3 men in the ring at once and not in a tag format. This is going to go how you’d expect. Sullivan mows down 2 of them with a clothesline. Sullivan picks up each guy, one at a time, and throws each across the ring. He hits some corner avalanches and then hits one-handed slams on everyone before finally pinning someone. After the match, Sullivan continues beating up everyone. Finally, No Way Jose’s music interrupts.

Jose gets on the microphone and slowly approaches the ring. There’s a big Jose chant as he gets into the ring. Jose says he knows Sullivan is tough, but let’s see how tough he is when he’s not attacking him from behind. Jose unloads with punches, but Sullivan nails a clothesline. Jose eats some cross-face shots and the big slam and is left in a heap in the ring.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall

Thoughts: I can’t complain. Sullivan doesn’t really impress me, but Jose was a bit more serious, which was nice. This will probably be a nice little TV feud that will try to get Sullivan over a little more by beating a more established talent. Will it work? Meh. I doubt it.

At the WWE PC: Johnny Gargano is giving an interview at the Performance Center. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss show up and give Gargano some grief. Gargano challenges one of them to a match next week. He says he doesn’t care which one of them accepts.

Video: Eric Young is lying on the ground recording his promo. He says O’Reilly and Fish have made a huge mistake in attacking them. The only thing they care about is chaos.

Match #3: Zeda v. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville’s gimmick is on the endangered list if Shayna Baszler comes to NXT. Check out the Mae Young Classic to see why. Deville gets several takedowns in a row. A spear levels Zeda and she rolls to ringside. Deville gets her right back in the ring and hits a high kick and a sliding knee. Deville locks in a sort of triangle/arm bar and gets the tap out.

Winner: Sonya Deville via submission

Thoughts: Deville looked a little quicker in the ring and it was a solid squash match. Is she a heel though? She sure smiles a lot. Like I said above, though, she’s in trouble if Baszler comes through NXT.

At the WWE PC: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are working out in the ring and they tease some chemistry as a potential tag team. William Regal was next to the ring and appreciated it as well. Ruby Riot approaches Regal afterward and asks for a handicapped match against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Regal says he can’t in good conscience do that, but if she finds a tag team partner, she can have a tag match against them.

Match #4/Main Event: No DQ Match: Hideo Itami v. Kassius Ohno

Itami rolls out of the ring immediately, but Ohno chases him. Itami eats a slam and a leg drop. Ohno hits a running vertical suplex for a near fall. Itami slams Ohno into the post and then Ohno takes a flat-back bump on top of the stairs from the apron. Itami slams Ohno’s face into the steps and then delivers a barrage of kicks in the ring. Itami smashes Ohno with a hesitation drop kick in the corner and gets a near fall.

Itami goes under the ring and slides a chair into the ring. Ohno gets the chair and tosses it at Itami. Ohno tries for the rolling elbow, but Itami holds the chair out and Ohno smashes that instead. Ohno is hurt as NXT goes to break. Back from break, Itami is taunting Ohno with kicks to the face. Ohno fires up and gets Itami with a kick to the face. Ohno hits a shining wizard and a senton splash. Itami target’s Ohno’s bad arm and goes for a GTS, but Ohno gets out.

Ohno picks up Itami in a fireman’s carry, dumps him on his feet, and KO’s Itami with the rolling elbow. Itami falls to ringside from the force. Ohno goes out after him and just crushes Itami with another elbow to the face. Ohno tries for a suplex on the stage, but Itami counters with a fisherman’s suplex back onto the ramp. Itami puts the chair on Ohno’s head and hits a charging hesitation drop kick in the corner. Ohno kicks out at two!

Itami is now shouting at the crowd to show him respect. Itami tries for another low blow, but Ohno catches the kick. Itami gives him a thumb to the eye instead and tries for another GTS. Ohno slides off again and nails Itami with a major low blow. Ohno destroys Itami with another rolling elbow and pins Itami for the win,

Winner: Kassius Ohno via pinfall

Thoughts: Another hard-hitting match with these two and it was a good one. I’m never a fan of the babyface using a cheap shot to win, even if it’s revenge. I thought about it the same way when Undertaker did it to Lesnar to win. Ohno did need to get a signature win, though. It seemed like he was losing every big match. Is that the end of the feud?

In-Ring: William Regal introduces Asuka, the undefeated NXT Women’s Champion. Asuka is out not dressed to wrestle and not really in character. Asuka says she’s been in NXT for almost 2 years. There’s a Thank You Asuka chant. He says she loves NXT. She says she has grown so much and is grateful for NXT.

William Regal says she has defended the title with honor. He says she is one of the greatest champions in WWE history. Regal says he and Asuka have started negotiating with the GMs from RAW and SmackDown, but it’s bittersweet as Asuka will step down as NXT Champion. Asuka says no one is ready. The entire roster comes on stage to applaud Asuka as the crowd continues to chant.

Ember Moon comes to the ring and they hug. Triple H is now getting into the ring and he gives Asuka a hug and some flowers. Triple H takes the belt with him, but announces Asuka as the undefeated, 523-day reigning NXT Champion. That was a very cool scene. I suspect we will not see anyone booked like that from his or her debut ever again – or at least for a very long time. Thank you, Asuka!


  • Andrade Almas beat Cezar Bononi
  • Lars Sullivan beat 3 local talents in a handicapped match and fought with No Way Jose
  • Sonya Deville beat Zeda
  • Kassius Ohno beat Hideo Itami
  • Asuka relinquished the NXT Women’s Championship and is moving to RAW or SmackDown

Advertised for Next Week

  • Johnny Gargano v. Tino Sabbatelli or Riddick Moss
  • Ruby Riot & Mystery Partner v. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce
  • UK Championship: Pete Dunne © v. Wolfgang

image credit – WWE