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WWE NXT #434 (2.7.18) Play-by-Play & Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. Tonight, Johnny Gargano will speak after his TakeOver loss. Also, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish will defend the tag team championship against SAnitY.

Match #1: NXT Tag Team Championship: Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish © (w/ Adam Cole) v. Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe (w/ Killian Dain)

SAnitY attacks the Undisputed Era from behind during their entrance and a brawl ensues. Security hits the ring to try to separate them. After some time, Undisputed Era leaves and looks to be heading to the back. William Regal arrives and says this is enough. He says that tonight’s main event will solve all of this because it will be a 6-man tornado tag team match with all of SAnitY versus all of Undisputed Era.

Winners: No Contest

Thoughts: No match happened here and it just set up a big 6-man main event. Interesting that SAnitY apparently doesn’t get a shot at the tag team titles.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) v. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Last month, Sabbatelli and Moss scored an upset win over Heavy Machinery, although they cheated a bit. Moss and Dozovic start out and Moss is quickly overwhelmed. Knight tags in and they level Moss with a double shoulder block. Moss takes control by forcing Knight back into his corner. Sabbatelli tags in and hits a drop kick before playing to the crowd. He tags in Moss sort of aggressively and Moss doesn’t seem pleased.

Moss then chops Sabbatelli in the chest to tag him in and Sabbatelli is greeted with some Tino Sucks chants. Dozovic gets a hot tag and crushes Tino with an avalanche in the corner. Dozovic does the Caterpillar into an elbow drop, but Moss breaks up the pin. Sabbatelli tries a roll up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee sees it this time. Knight hits Moss with a somersault senton on the floor and then assists Dozovic in the ring with the Compactor and that’s good for the win over Sabbatelli.

Post-match, Sabbatelli wants a hand from Moss to help him get up and Moss walks out on Tino.

Winners: Heavy Machinery via pinfall

Thoughts: Heavy Machinery gets their win back after a tainted loss, but the main story out of this is the pending break-up between Moss and Sabbatelli – if you want to call that a main story. I’m not sure which guy WWE is higher on, but I’m not overly impressed with either guy in the ring. We’ll see how it plays out.

In-Ring Promo: Johnny Gargano is out to a good reaction and Johnny Wrestling chants. He says it sucks that he isn’t standing there as champion, but it’s great to get this reaction from the fans. He says that no matter what, he is Johnny Freaking Wrestling. He says he’ll never forget that night, but he’ll also never forget a crutch shot to the back. He says he’s coming for Tommaso Ciampa, but he’s interrupted by the NXT Champion’s music.

Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega come to the ring and Vega says Gargano didn’t earn anything. Vega says he only proved that he’s a loser. Gargano says his second favorite part of TakeOver was his wife beating the hell out of Vega. Vega gets in Gargano’s face until Candice LaRae shows up and shoves Vega to the ground. Almas and Vega retreat to the stage. Vega asks what it will take to get rid of him and Gargano says he wants another shot at the title. Gargano says that if he can’t beat Almas for the title, he’ll leave NXT forever.

Backstage Promo: Shayna Baszler says it only took a month for her to become the most feared woman in NXT. Baszler says there won’t be a rematch with Moon because she’s scared.

Backstage Promo: Tyler Bate gives Roderick Strong credit for his win last week, but he’ll be watching the match. Bate says he is looking forward to having matches of the year against other NXT talent as well.

Match #3: Bianca Belair v. Jessica Hill

Bianca Belair turns a handshake into an inverted Attitude Adjustment and then drills Hill with the Alley Oop fall-away powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall

Thoughts: This was a total squash match. Belair continues to be positioned as a rising star, but I wonder if there’s room for her as a heel once Baszler likely inevitably gets the women’s title.

Match #4/Main Event: Tornado Tag Match: Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, & Bobby Fish) v. SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, & Killian Dain)

Much like earlier, the teams immediately start brawling at ringside. As this is a tornado match, all 6 guys are fighting at once, so I’ll try to keep up here. After some more fighting, Adam Cole and Eric Young are left in the ring. Cole hits a neckbreaker on Young. Dain levels Fish with a high kick as the show cuts away. Upon returning, Dain apparently hits Fish with a title belt. Wolfe drops O’Reilly face-first on the announcer’s table.

Eric Young props up a table on the outside while Wolfe nails O’Reilly with a chair. Young tries to suplex Cole onto the table, but Cole gets out and tosses Young into the steps. O’Reilly ducks another Wolfe chair swing and lays into him with knee strikes. O’Reilly hits a running double knee strike to Wolfe from the ring apron while Wolfe was sitting in the chair. In the ring, Dain misses an avalanche on Fish and eats a super kick.

Cole, Young, Wolfe, and O’Reilly have managed to fight into the backstage area. Fish delivers a springboard moonsault onto Dain from the corner for a near fall. Backstage, SAnitY continues to dominate, but back at ringside, Fish has a kendo stick. Dain catches his swing and he can’t capitalize. Dain and Fish brawl onto the entrance stage. Dain hurls Fish off the stage onto the other four guys who have returned to ringside. More commercials.

Dain is now brutalizing Cole in the ring and everyone else is still down at ringside. Cole scores with a step-up enzuigiri on Dain, but Wolfe catches him in a huge sit-out powerbomb. Fish and O’Reilly quickly gang up on Wolfe and end up throwing him with an exploder suplex. Dain breaks up the pin with a running senton to the back of Fish. Dain hits the Michinoku Driver on O’Reilly while coming down on top of Fish. Cole breaks up the pin with a big super kick to Dain. Cole goes for the pin, but Young comes off the top rope with an elbow drop and everyone is down again.

Cole misses a super kick on Young, who then delivers one of his own. O’Reilly hits an axe kick into a forearm smash on Young. Wolfe hits a German suplex on O’Reilly, but then falls victim to a Samoan Drop by Fish. Dain then hits a discus lariat on Fish, who turns inside out and lands awkwardly on his head. Cole eats a big boot by Dain that sends him to the floor and against the table. Dain goes for a rolling senton, but Cole moves and Dain crashes through the table.

Wolfe is now stuck in a 3-on-1 situation. Wolfe manages to duck a kick by O’Reilly that accidentally connects with Fish. Wolfe hits a big kick on Cole and a European uppercut to O’Reilly. It’s short lived as Cole super kicks Wolfe and then he falls victim to Total Elimination. Young breaks up the pin with the kendo stick, though. Cole manages to deliver another super kick to Young to cut him off. Cole hits Young with a suplex onto his knee, but Young kicks out. That was a believable near fall.

Dain comes back in the ring and challenges Undisputed Era. They swarm him, but he throws them all back. Dain levels them all and slams Cole with a fireman’s carry slam. He hits a running senton on Cole while drop kicking Fish. O’Reilly gets flattened by the running cross-body. Dain gets Fish up and crushes him with the One-Winged Angel and gets the pin!

Winners: SAnitY via pinfall

Thoughts: That was a shocking result. I thought that Undisputed Era would win this for sure. It was a pretty good match for what it was; which was to still set up the Tag Team Championship match. Still, Undisputed Era racks up another loss. Anyway, it was a fun match, but nothing worth going back to watch if you missed the show.


  • SAnitY and Undisputed Era brawled and the tag team title match never started
  • Heavy Machinery beat Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss
  • Dissention was teased between Sabbatelli & Moss
  • Johnny Gargano agrees to put his NXT career on the line for one more shot at Andrade Almas’s title
  • Bianca Belair beat Jessica Hill
  • SAnitY beat Undisputed Era in a 6-Man Tornado match

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  • UK Championship: Pete Dunne © v. Roderick Strong
  • Aleister Black returns to NXT TV
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Ember Moon © v. Shayna Baszler