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WWE NXT #450 (5.23.18) Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. Tonight, TM61 takes on Heavy Machinery and Lars Sullivan faces Ricochet and Velveteen Dream in a handicapped match.

Match #1: Heavy Machinery v. TM61

Dozovic and Thorne start things out and a shoulder block levels Thorne. Knight tags in and Heavy Machinery hits a double shoulder block for a near fall followed up by a big atomic drop. Miller gets a tag and runs right into a hip toss. Knight delivers a corner avalanche and Dozovic storms in to level Thorne. They use Thorne as a battering ram and drive him headfirst into Miller’s gut. 

Thorne gets a blind tag and takes Knight down with a nasty European uppercut. TM61 isolates Knight in their corner for a bit. Thorne gives Knight a lariat to the back of the head. Knight manages to come back by suplexing both Miller and Thorne at once. Dozovic gets the hot tag and he runs over Thorne and Miller. Dozovic does the worm and lands an elbow drop. 

Knight throws Thorne with an overhead belly to belly, but misses a corner splash and falls to the floor. Dozovic goes for a Vader Bomb on Miller, but wastes too much time and gets kicked in the face by Thorne. Miller gets the pin with both feet on the ropes once again. 

Winners: TM61 via pinfall

Thoughts: TM61 picks up another tainted win as their heel turn continues. It may have been more effective if Dozovic didn’t try to towel himself off while on the second rope. Anyway, I have no issues with TM61 going heel. 

Promo Videos: Bianca Belair & EC3 videos aired.

Match #2: Kairi Sane v. Lacey Evans

Sane drop kicks Evans in the face at the bell and unloads with strikes. Evans comes back with a big chop, which just pisses off Sane. Sane comes back with a chop of her own. Sane hits a variation of an inverted DDT for a near fall. Evans catches her with a mule kick and takes control. Evans starts to target Sane’s arm to take away her finisher.

Evans delivers a Bronco Buster, but only gets a 2-count. Sane counters a kick and lands a running Blockbuster and an interceptor spear. Sane crushes Evans with a Sliding D, but Evans rolls to the floor. Sane goes out after her and throws her back into the ring. Sane jumps off the top for the Flying Kabuki elbow, but Evans meets her with a Woman’s Right to pick up the win.

Winner: Lacey Evans via pinfall

Thoughts: That was a solid effort by Lacey Evans and probably the best match she’s had on TV. I’m not 100% sure why she’s getting a push right now since I feel like the women’s division needs more strong babyfaces picking up wins, but we’ll see where it goes. 

Outside of Full Sail: Johnny Gargano (in a neck brace) is walking in with Candice. He says they’ve come to a decision about the future and he’s going to tell everyone in the ring…

Last Week: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch say they think they’ve earned a shot at the tag team titles. Undisputed Era is also backstage and they call their win last week a fluke. O’Reilly calls Lorcan and Burch a couple of nobodies. Roderick Strong says he wants Danny Burch one-on-one first. 

Match #3: Handicapped Match: Lars Sullivan v. Ricochet & Velveteen Dream

The odds of the Dream and Ricochet getting along for this match are about as high as the Eastern Conference’s odds of winning the NBA Finals. The Dream is going to start out here, but Sullivan tosses him away. Ricochet tags in, but Sullivan throws him on his face. A double drop kick staggers Sullivan, but he stays up. Dream goes for his leg, but that’s of no use. Or is it? Ricochet flies in with a springboard drop kick that finally takes the big man down. 

Dream delivers three double axe handles and tags in Ricochet. They take turns smashing Sullivan in the corner, but he catches Ricochet in mid-air. Ricochet drop kicks Sullivan back into their corner and tags the Dream. Dream and Ricochet take turns super kicking Sullivan until he’s finally back down. They go for a double cover, but Sullivan throws them both off. Sullivan gives the Dream a lariat and another throw for a near fall.

Sullivan slows the pace as he works over the Dream. Sullivan delivers some crossface shots to the Dream and a big powerslam. Sullivan lands a diving top rope head butt to Dream’s back, but Ricochet breaks up the pin. Ricochet gets Sullivan to chase him and the Dream drops an elbow to Sullivan’s back when he slides back into the ring. Ricochet gets the hot tag and strikes at Sullivan. Dream flies in with a diving cross body and Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press for another 2-count.

Dream gets a blind tag and catches Sullivan with a step-up enzuigiri. Ricochet takes Sullivan back down with a bicycle kick. Dream comes off the top with a springboard swanton bomb and nearly killed himself. Ricochet follows it up with a springboard 450 splash. Out of nowhere, Dream smashes Ricochet with the rolling Death Valley Driver and tells him he doesn’t belong here. Sullivan crushes Ricochet with the Freak Accident for the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall

Thoughts: Well, this was a solid match. I think every one knew the Dream was going to turn on Ricochet, but they did give us quite a bit of teamwork. I assume they’re wrestling at TakeOver and it should be absolutely awesome. Sullivan continues his dominance, but I don’t really know what the end game is since he’s not really over. 

Backstage: Dakota Kai is backstage and she is excited for the opportunity at the Women’s Championship, but not so much about Shayna Baszler. Baszler shows up to mock Kai and tell her she doesn’t stand a chance. Kai says we’ll see about that and Baszler looks a little surprised. 

In-Ring Promo: Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae head to the ring. Gargano solemnly recounts the attack by Ciampa. Gargano says it’s time that he starts thinking about his future. He says he needs to ask if it’s worth it. Gargano tears off his neck brace and says it’s worth it. He calls out Ciampa and LeRae is upset about it. Ciampa shows up and LeRae runs to the back. Ciampa says he’s going to finish it. 

LeRae comes back with referees to hold Gargano back. LeRae finally convinces Gargano to not get in the ring, but Ciampa starts talking trash again and Gargano charges the ring. Ciampa knocks him off the apron and he takes out Candice on the ramp. She’s out cold and even Ciampa looks unsettled as he bails out of the ring and to the back. The show fades out with everyone tending to an injured Candice. All the seeds are planted for her to turn on Gargano and join Ciampa. 


  • TM61 beat Heavy Machinery
  • Lacey Evans beat Kairi Sane
  • Lars Sullivan beat Ricochet & Velveteen Dream
  • Johnny Gargano called out Tommaso Ciampa to Candice’s displeasure. Ciampa ends up knocking Gargano into her and knocking her out. 

 Advertised for Next Week

  • Who is Bianca Belair? Promo Video
  • NXT Women’s Championship:Shayna Baszler © v. Dakota Kai
  • Aleister Black is back on TV
  • Roderick Strong v. Danny Burch (Possibly?)
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