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WWE NXT #452 (6.6.18) Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. Tonight, Lacey Evans takes on Kairi Sane once again. Also, Roderick Strong meets one half of the challengers for the tag team titles at TakeOver when he takes on Danny Burch.

In-Ring Promo: NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler heads to the ring and she is wearing her title belt again. She says last week proved that she’s the dose of reality and that the strong always defeats the weak. She says there’s always an exception and it’s Nikki Cross. Baszler threatens Cross if she ever gets in her face again. Sure enough, Cross’s music plays and she comes out on the stage and heads toward the ring. Once in the ring, Baszler talks some more trash. Cross continues to stare at her, so Baszler keeps at it. She throws the microphone at Cross, who picks it up and challenges Baszler to put her to sleep. 

Baszler shoves Cross, so Cross tackles her and lays into her with strikes. Cross stomps a mudhole in her in the corner. Cross goes to pick up the belt, but Baszler catches her with a right hand and tosses her to ringside. Cross comes back with a cross body off the top rope, which causes Baszler to retreat to the floor with a bloody mouth. After the commercial, the title match is made official for TakeOver.

Match #1: TM61 (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne) v. Mike Hughly & Robbie Grand

Thorne and Miller take turns working a cocky heel style against Hughly. Hughly catches Thorne with a jawbreaker and tags in Robbie Grand who gets destroyed with a drop kick to the face. Grand fights back against Miller, but catches a cheap knee to the back by Thorne. Miller tosses Hughly away and then throws Grand into Thorne who lands a forearm to the back of the head for the win.

Post-match, Miller says they’ve proven to be the best team in NXT. Thorne says all teams should kneel and call them the Mighty. 

Winners: TM61 via pinfall

Thoughts: Not a bad enhancement match. It sounds like TM61 is now officially The Mighty? Last time I thought this, they kept the TM61 name, so I don’t know. 

Earlier this Week: Lars Sullivan is training at the Performance Center and throwing some guys around in the ring. TM61 walks in the background, shake their heads, and walk back out. 

Match #2: Roderick Strong v. Danny Burch

Roderick Strong makes his way out alone. The two start out with some aggressive grappling. Burch starts to target Strong’s arm, but Strong cuts him off with a kick to the face. Strong unloads with some huge chops and a pendulum backbreaker, but Burch kicks out. Strong connects with a drop kick to the face and then a basement drop kick to the back of the neck. Burch fights out of an abdominal stretch and leverages Strong to the floor. Burch levels Strong with a head butt back in the ring and the two trade strikes, which Burch easily wins. Burch lands a missile drop kick and nips up. A release German suplex drops Strong on his head and then he gets turned inside out with a lariat. 

Undisputed Era runs to ringside followed closely by Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne. They all brawl at ringside while Burch locks in a crossface. Cole distracts Burch for a few seconds, which allows Strong to score with a backbreaker and get the pinfall. As Strong celebrates, Pete Dunne appears behind him. Dunne annihilates Strong until O’Reilly blindsides him with a shot to his knee. Strong hits the End of Heartache and Undisputed Era leaves everyone laid out. 

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall

Thoughts: This was basic build toward the TakeOver title match. Not a bad match for what it was. I just realized that Adam Cole doesn’t have a TakeOver match currently – will that change?

Backstage: Kassius Ohno is taking promo pictures until EC3 interrupts him with some insults. He says Ohno isn’t in the top 1%. Ohno says he’s a narcissist and takes EC3 is close to being unconscious. Ohno challenges him to a match next week and EC3 accepts. 

Promo Videos: A brief look at Aleister Black as he preps for Sullivan and then a preview of the Ricochet / Velveteen Dream match.

Match #3: Lacey Evans v. Kairi Sane

Sane ducks some strikes and lands a chop and a head scissors take down. Sane stomps on Evans’ hand, but misses a spear through the ropes. Evans takes advantage with a knee to the head and a slingshot elbow drop. Evans swats Sane around a little and locks in a Cobra Clutch. After swinging Sane around while in the Clutch, Evans connects with a handstand Bronco Buster in the corner, but Sane kicks out. 

Sane blocks a strike attempt, but runs into a boot to the gut. Evans does a push-up on top of Sane for a near fall. Evans heads to the second rope, then springboards up for a moonsault off the top, but Sane moves. Sane connects with the Interceptor spear three times. Sane nails the Sliding D and then a flying Kabuki elbow. Evans kicks out, but Sane transitions right into an arm bar. Sane hits an Alabama Slam and lands the Insane Elbow for the win.

Winner: Kairi Sane via pinfall

Thoughts: This match pleasantly surprised me. Evans has improved with every match I’ve seen and this was no exception. This was a nice end to a mini TV feud that sees Sane go over and potentially move back up the women’s division ranks. 

In-Ring Promo: Tommaso Ciampa heads to the ring one more time to a chorus of booing. Ciampa lets the chanting sink in and says that the audience gave up on him first in response to a You Tapped Out chant. He says he’s going to talk even if the crowd won’t shut up. Ciampa calls out the handful of Ciampa fans in the crowd as being idiots. 

Ciampa says Gargano is selfish and only thinks about himself. Ciampa calls him out for almost crippling his own wife and blames him for all of it. Ciampa tells Gargano to not show up to TakeOver. Gargano comes out on stage dragging security along with him. He sheds them and charges the ring where he pulls Ciampa to ringside. Gargano lands some strikes and follows Ciampa into the ring. Gargano dives to ringside to knock Ciampa over the railing. Gargano lays out a referee as Ciampa fires back with some shots. Gargano jumps off the bleachers to take out Ciampa and some more security. The brawl continues back into the ring where more security gets Gargano.

Ciampa levels Gargano from behind and stomps on him. Ciampa locks in the Gargano Escape on Gargano. Ciampa heads up the ramp, but Gargano rolls out and clubs him from behind. Gargano hurls Ciampa into the light board on the stage and Ciampa is busted open. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape and Ciampa furiously taps out as the show fades out.


  • Shayna Baszler and Nikki Cross brawled during a promo segment; the TakeOver Women’s title match is made official.
  • TM61 beat Robbie Grand and Mike Hughly
  • Roderick Strong beat Danny Burch
  • Kairi Sane beat Lacey Evans
  • Johnny Gargano got the best of Tommaso Ciampa in a bloody brawl

 Advertised for Next Week

  • EC3 v. Kassius Ohno
  • Aleister Black Promo

 NXT TakeOver: Chicago II Card

  • NXT Championship:Aleister Black © v. Lars Sullivan
  • NXT Tag Team Championship:Undisputed Era © v. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch
  • NXT Women’s Championship:Shayna Baszler © v. Nikki Cross
  • Chicago Street Fight:Johnny Gargano v. Tommaso Ciampa
  • Ricochet v. Velveteen Dream