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WWE SummerSlam 2017 Results



Here are your full results from the 30th edition of WWE SummerSlam earlier tonight out of Brooklyn.

Pre-Show Results

Miztourage (Miz, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel) def. The Hardy Boyz & Jason Jordan

I was quite surprised by the outcome of this match, as most fans expected the babyface team to come out victorious as a means of keeping the Hardy Boyz relevant while awaiting the return of The Revival. It was also a strange sight-seeing Jason Jordan eat the pin, given his recent push as Kurt Angle’s son. On the other side of things, this gives Miztourage some credibility as lately they’ve been a “Jobber to the Stars” type stable of sorts.

Cruiserweight Championship
Neville def. Akira Tozawa (c) (Title Change)

In a surprising turn of events during the opening bout of the Pre-Show, Neville defeated the newly crowned champ, Tozawa, to regain the Cruiserweight championship. The finish of the match came after Neville managed to get the knees up during an attempt of Tozawa’s signature Senton Splash. Neville followed this up with a Red Arrow to the back shades of Eddie Guerrero. The future seems uncertain for the next contender for the Cruiserweight championship though I suspect the two men will continue to feud until Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos def. New Day (c) (Title Change)

Though it was relegated to the Pre-Show, this proved to be an unexpected contender for match of the night as the two teams put on an amazing battle going back and forth throughout. This match was packed to the brim with high-spots including an amazing “Alley-Uce” to the outside on Xavier Woods followed by a suicide dive from Big E leaving all four men laid out on the outside. The Uso’s unleashed a flurry of Super Kicks on Big E followed by a double Uso Splash brought the duo of brothers their second Smackdown Tag Team championship.

Main Card Results

John Cena def. Baron Corbin

In an…. interesting battle between the two fierce rivals, John Cena absolutely squashed The Lone Wolf in a match where Corbin got in virtually no offense on Cena other than a strong clothesline soon after the opening bell. The outcome of this one shocked me as many expected Corbin to pick up the win to receive some of his heat back that he lost when he ruined his Money in the Bank opportunity in embarrassing fashion on the Smackdown before SummerSlam. Wrestling fans more privy to backstage working of things might be well aware of rumors of Baron Corbin receiving a bit of heat from the boys in the back due to how The Lone Wolf has been carrying himself on Twitter including insulting famed Wrestling critic Dave Meltzer and allegedly blocking a number of WWE officials on social media. The one-sided loss gives me the impression that Baron might be a little deeper in than fans believed but time will tell what the future hold for the man formerly known as Mr. Money in the Bank.

Smackdown Women’s Championship
Natalya def. Naomi (c) (Title Change)

Natalya claimed her first taste of championship gold in almost 7 years tonight after making Naomi submit via The Sharpshooter. Natalya’s victory was somewhat of a surprise as there wasn’t much focus placed on this match in the Smackdowns leading into The Biggest Party of the Summer. This lack of attention lead many to believe that the bout would end either with a swift victory for Naomi or a cash-in from the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase holder, Carmella. These assumptions were proven incorrect as Natalya defeated the fighting champion clean in the middle of the ring, leaving incumbent champions at a strong disadvantage going forward into the show.

Big Cass def. Big Show

In what is hopefully the blow-off to the Enzo/Big Cass, Cass slayed The World’s Largest Athlete with a Big Boot soon after laying out Enzo. Enzo escaped his cage after stripping down to his underwear and squeezing himself through the bars and dropping to the ring. Hopefully then end of this match brings on fresh feuds for Big Cass as an endless back and forth rivalry with the tiny Enzo typecasts Cass as only being able to work with much smaller talent.

Randy Orton def. Rusev

This match lasted only seconds from start to finish after Rusev attacked Orton during his signature turnbuckle pose. Soon after, Orton recovered immediately hitting The Bulgarian Brute with an RKO for the victory before The Viper could even take off his jacket. The ending was a disappointment as the dominating opinion of fans wanted to see Rusev defeat Orton to establish the SuperAthlete as a legitimate threat going forward into the future. Instead, nothing has been gained from this outcome. Orton looks weak for beating an opponent who he has made to look stupid for weeks and Rusev looks like a chump for losing in such embarrassing fashion. Hopefully the Smackdown creative team has something planned for Rusev soon to counteract this embarrassing loss.

Raw Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss (c) (Title Change)

Sasha Banks captured her 4th Raw Women’s Championship after making Alexa Bliss submit with the Bank Statement. This was a much-needed victory as Sasha Banks re-cemented her status as one of the top female talents in the company. I’m intrigued to see where Sasha goes from here after an assumed re-match with Alexa. As I stated in my portion of the SummerSlam staff picks, I believe this could lead into an eventual Sasha Banks heel turn on Bayley because Sasha could view Bayley as holding her back. Though the thought of a renewed Banks/Bayley rivalry intrigues me, I’m more interested to see where Alexa goes from here. The Raw creative team has been firing on all cylinders as of late so I can only assume that something is in the works for Little Miss Bliss.

Finn Balor def. Bray Wyatt

The return of the Demon was met with a dominant victory over the Eater of Worlds tonight after a Coup de Grace. Not much to say as this outcome was expected from the beginning of this feud. Balor needed a big victory to recover from the 50/50 booking of the Elias Samson feud.

Raw Tag Team Championships
Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus & Cesaro (c) (Title Change)

‘Shield 1.5’ gained tag gold after an impressive showing against ‘The Bar’. The highlight of this match came when a beach ball was introduced to the crowd which prompted Cesaro to charge into the stands to retrieve the beach ball and rip it to shreds. A smooth sequence of maneuvers lead to a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose resulted in the two men gaining their first championship gold since their world championship reigns in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Many suspect this story to end with an Ambrose heel turn but only time will tell where the journey will go.

United States Championship
AJ Styles (c) def. Kevin Owens w/ Special Guest Referee Shane McMahon

It was a very competitive match between the two men ended with The Phenomenal One gaining the victory after a Styles Clash to Owens after a brief scuffle between KO and Shane McMahon. This interaction between the two could be a form of foreshadowing for things to come later in the calendar year on the Smackdown brand. Rumors has subsisted for weeks about a match between Owens and McMahon at the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay per view. Where AJ goes from here is uncertain, though The Phenomenal One’s status at the top of the company is unquestionable.

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Well… a stunning turn of events to say the least as The Modern Day Maharaja defeated Nakamura after The Coloss following brief interference from The Singh Brothers. It appears the Mahal experiment is not yet over as a victory over The King of Strong Style is an amazing feat for someone who wasn’t even employed by the company a year and a half ago. Styles’ victory earlier in the night indicates that Smackdown’s mid-card is very top-heavy at the moment which leaves a very limited number of challengers to step up to the plate against the champion, especially if the rumors are true of John Cena jumping ship to Raw.

Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) def. Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe

This is probably the most invested I have been in a title match in a very long time. The buildup to this match was absolutely perfect. Any man could have conceivably won and it wouldn’t have been a fluke or a bad booking decision. Each of the 4 men were booked perfectly in the lead up to this one. From start to finish it was an absolute war with everything from office chairs to the announcer’s table itself being thrown around, I can’t say enough good things about this match. The uncertainty of the finish lead to various fantasy booking theories to run rampant over the Internet community which might lead some to be disappointed with such a simple finish, but I think it was perfect. Every man came out of this event looking strong and they’re all still very legitimate contenders to dethrone The Beast Incarnate from now until Wrestlemania where it is rumored that Lesnar will retire from professional wrestling.

Christian is an avid wrestling fan who began watching in the summer of 2001. His passion for the business starts and ends with the history of the sport. He loves holding discussions with fellow fans about their opinions on events in wresting history spanning all promotions and time periods. He currently has plans to co-host a podcast with fellow FightBoothPW contributor Brandon Miller (@brandonpsmc). If anyone would like to reach Christian, they can email him at or his Twitter account @cdubb106

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