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WWE Super Show-Down: The Good, The Bad and the Weird



The WWE Australian super show finally happened. After weeks of build-up we finally got the house show down under and the big question is, did it actually deliver? The answer is mostly yes. There were some questionable moments and a very big black mark against the show but for the most part it was an enjoyable time killer that offered a big dose of nostalgia to fans of a certain generation. With that being said let’s break down the good, the bad and the weird of the Super Show-Down.

The Good

Tag Teams start it Hot

What better way to start a show than have the New Day fight The Bar. This was the perfect way to open the show as both teams brought the fight from the get go. Kofi was singled out pretty quickly and ended up being the focus of the Bar’s aggression. This match had plenty of spots, plenty of action and had a feel good finish where the champs made a comeback and won with a double stomp/backstabber on Cesaro. An excellent first match and another show of force from the best tag division on WWE programming.

Queen vs Queen

Smackdown kept the ball rolling with another top quality title match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Another match where it started fast and barely ever broke pace. Both women looked to destroy each other after weeks of personal attacks and verbal barbs. This match was brutal, violent and as personal as you’d expect. Becky and Charlotte know each other incredibly well and knew what buttons to press to beat the other down. Charlotte looked strong as a challenger and forced Becky Lynch to abuse champion’s advantage for the win. Becky was trapped in the Figure Eight so she used her title as a weapon to break the hold. A desperation win for a cocky champ that has led to a rematch on Smackdown this Tuesday. There was more brawling after the match too that saw Becky stand tall leaving with her belt. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Becky Lynch manages against Charlotte after struggling during this show.


So the match may not have been very good but once again KO and Elias’s verbal game was on form. My highlight of the night was watching Elias play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and lap up the crowd appreciation he was getting. It’s nice to Cena back in a WWE as we cannot forget the man is an icon of the company and is now in the twilight years of his career. This will probably be one of a few sporadic appearances as he continues to look into pastures new. Elias and KO are an amazing comedic team and this match showcased their tag team prowess. Bobby Lashley was also made to look good here as he took a beating but kept showing off fire before making the hot tag to Cena for the finish. I’d love to see more guitar covers from Elias as his rendition of Thunderstruck certainly wasn’t bad.

IIconics beat the Curse

Most wrestling fans are aware of the home town curse. Whilst not being the IIconics’ home town, it was their home country so a loss could have been expected. Refreshingly the IIconics got to show off their team work for a change. They managed to take control of the match and utilise a lot of double team action. It’s easy to forget that the IIconic Duo are an accomplished tag team and that they are genuinely good wrestlers given their roles on Smackdown. This was a little chance for them to prove themselves and get a feel good moment in their home country in front of a crowd that happily supports them.

No Rules, No Morals

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe put on a perfect match in the land down under. At first it seemed like the stipulation would mean nothing as they went from brawling, to striking and wrestling. Eventually weaponry was introduced but didn’t take centre stage as both men still relied on their wrestling ability. Once again we got a fierce fight with plenty of spots, brutal strikes and reversed finishers. Both men have amazing chemistry and we finally got a decisive end to the feud as Samoa Joe was submitted with the Calf Crusher after damaging his knee off a table spot. The crowd was super-hot for this match and rode this rollercoaster of a match from start to finish. This was a nasty match that finally saw Joe punished for all the comments and actions against AJ Styles family. I am still surprised this wasn’t the main event as it certainly had a main event feel.

Murphy’s Law

Buddy Murphy was on top of the world making his return to his hometown. The crowd was on fire for him and he wore his hometown pride on his sleeve. Both he and Cedric Alexander were fired up for this match and it was nice to see the cruiserweights get a prominent spot on the card. Murphy tried to end the match quickly with a straight running knee to the head for a two count. He dominated the early part of the match and even kicked out of the Lumbar Check. There was so much to love about this match as both men took full advantage of the others style. Murphy is a powerhouse and Cedric used his speed and strikes to outmatch his opponent. There were spots and moves galore as both men played incredibly well off each other. As far as spotlights for 205 Live go, this has to be one of the biggest and best yet. It was also the biggest feel good moment of the show as Buddy Murphy got the title win in his home town to the loudest crowd pop of the night.

When Two Tribes Go to War

There was no doubt that this match was going to get messy. The Dogs of War and the Shield have been battling since the build up to Hell in a Cell. Once again this was focusing on numbers, loyalty and Braun destroying everyone. Dean accidentally ate a Superman Punch from Roman and is taken out of the match. That led to a section where the Dogs of War surround the Seth and Roman. Dean climbs up and looks to have joined the Dogs before getting back into the ring to dropkick Braun. More chaos continues as both sides keep trading blows and setting up spots. I love chaotic matches which is probably why I appreciated this match so much. There was a lot going on for most of the match and the spot where Roman saves Dean from a shoulder tackle by Spearing Braun through the barricade had me smiling. There was a lot to watch and the eventual finish saw Dean hit Dirty Deeds on Dolph for the win after Seth ate a Superkick. Once again Dean shows he is loyal to the Shield and we get another feel good moment for the show.

Chaos in the Main Event

I am in two minds on this match. I enjoyed it a lot. This match had four legends in a match with no DQ where anyone could get involved. It wasn’t long before Michaels would get involved in the match saving HHH on multiple occasions. The problem was it was a long plodding match that delivered some fun spots but a lot of pacing problems. These two can still go, that was obvious but it was probably a lot longer than it needed to be. It is nice to see the teasing between DX and the Brothers of Destruction. There were weapon spots, Superkicks, Tombstones and Pedigrees leading to an eventual HHH win after some help from his trusty sledgehammer. The match ended with what looked like the ultimate show of respect but ended with what Corey Graves called the ultimate act of betrayal. HHH and Shaun Michaels tried to extend the branch of friendship as this was meant to be the last match ever between the two. Unfortunately Taker and Kane weren’t taking the loss lightly as HHH was Tombstoned and Michaels was chokeslammed through the announcer’s table. It was a bold finish for the show even if it is just a big push to the Crown Jewel.

The Bad

NO NO NO to that finish

Miz and Daniel Bryan are two of Smackdown’s best and are locked in one of Smackdown’s hottest feuds. With that in mind, how much time do you think they got at Super Show Down? The answer is less than three minutes. Now I get that this was probably intended as a shock finish to surprise the crowd and get Bryan in a title match against Styles but there was so much more that could be done for it. Miz and Bryan can put on quality matches that tell great stories and captivate fans. Instead, we got a two-minute match that saw a roll up finish after a couple of signature spots. It was a black mark on a solid card. This was purely shortened down to allow for the long-winded main event. Of all the matches to suffer this treatment, this one was probably the least deserving of it.


One of the biggest flaws of this PPV was how predictable it was. You knew Cena was gonna win. You knew Rousey was gonna win. You could easily plot how most matches were going to go and it detracted from the actual in ring product. It’s hard to be invested in a match when you know how it is going to end. Everyone could look at Cena’s return match and see him winning it. It’s almost like a spoiler for matches as you can see the finish a mile away. Well bar that ridiculous new punch finisher Cena has. If WWE want to have certain stars win they should at least make it seem a bit less obvious. Also just because I name dropped her, that Double Armbar Ronda Rousey put Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan in was amazing. More of that please.

Part Timer Power

Part timers dominated the main event scene of this PPV. Cena was a big deal in his match despite only performing six moves and delivering a touching speech about his time in WWE and what the fans mean to him. That was nice and didn’t detract from the rest of the card. HHH vs the Undertaker being the main event however felt more concerning. When you have a WWE title match, the Smackdown Women’s belt and faction warfare on the same card, it seems slightly cynical to have two-part time legends in the main event. What was worse was, this entire match was purely to set up a tag match at Crown Jewel. It was a long match that in the end will have no impact on the main roster. AJ and Joe could have main evented delivering a dominant and satisfying finish to the PPV. This is just a nitpick but the match card felt so out of order due to having HHH and Undertaker as the main event.

The Weird

Empress of Dance

So maybe I just need to give this partnership a bit more time to flourish but there was something so off putting about watching Asuka dance with Naomi. Corey Graves summed it up best by saying, “I remember when Asuka used to kick people.” Asuka has gone from dominant NXT women’s champ who couldn’t be beaten to dancing with Naomi in a comedy tag team. It’s jarring to watch. I get that wrestlers have to change and adapt to new audiences and storylines but this new goofier Asuka is just hard to take seriously. She needs something to do on TV, yes and I am willing to give it more of a chance if they are actually going to make something of this team. In the end only time will reveal what WWE does with her and whether she gets her dominance back.

In Conclusion

For the most part Super Show Down was mainly just a glorified house show. It was a bit of fun WWE put together to host a show in a loyal market. Most of it was throwaway and a lot of matches were predictable but it was enjoyable. The crowd was into everything the show offered and WWE certainly tried to offer a bit of everything. Not a lot of titles changed hands and we had two old timers in the main event but again it was a four-hour house show that didn’t drag on too long and at the end of the day that’s all you could really ask for from WWE.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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