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WWE TLC 2017’s Top 3 Matches



After originally presenting a lackluster card for this year’s annual TLC pay-per-view, an unfortunate case of viral meningitis suffered by two top stars forced the WWE into a corner, to which they delivered two blockbuster substitutions. And suddenly, an unearthly anticipation crept up on the weekend. While the main event was a blend of scattered and exciting, the undercard played its hand in stealing its thunder.
Finn Balor vs A.J. Styles (substituting for Bray Wyatt)
This one stole the night. Whether you’re a fan of wrestling or a diehard Bullet Club supporter, this was a mega match before it even started. Prior to locking up, fans were already chanting, “This-is-awesome.” It was quite a reward to see Balor standing atop the wrestling world given his inclusion in a storyline with Bray Wyatt that seemingly won’t go away. The Demon King went from pity to glory in a matter of hours. Wyatt is an amazing character, but the two just haven’t matched. 
Asuka vs. Emma
The world and their mothers knew Emma was there to take the pin-fall. But, given her time in the PPV spotlight, Emma helped Asuka to put on a show. The two have battled it out before in NXT and the chemistry showed, all while not sacrificing a top star in Asuka’s debut. Emma took a “feeding” situation and turned it into a showcase performance. Years from now, you will remember who Asuka debuted against in WWE.
Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick
If only star-power and divisions weren’t a thing, this match electrified a filler spot on the card for those who chose to stay in their seats. It did not drag, and it did not overachieve. It was perfectly paced, giving each competitor an equal amount of shine to display their impeccable, no pun intended, raw abilities. The ultimate standout continues to be Cedric Alexander, who very easily could jump out of the cruiserweight division and become a player for say, the Intercontinental title.
All gold aside, imagine what he could do in a match against someone like A.J. Styles. It’s time to free Cedric Alexander to let him do justice.
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