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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (5.27 – 5.29.19)



WWE had a lot to prove this week. AEW held it’s first official PPV event, Double or Nothing and it set the wrestling world ablaze. WWE had to fight back against that and a large contingent of their audience as it put on it’s weekly shows. Did they do enough to impress after such a strong showing from a new big company? Let’s find out now and get into it.


– RAW starts with the most entertaining Brock I’ve seen in a long time, dancing Brock. He has transformed the MITB briefcase into a boombox and used it to troll Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston by playing their own music at them. He annoys Seth to the point of leaving and further teases cashing in.

– He leaves then Dolph Ziggler comes out of nowhere and attacks again. Xavier comes out to make the save and the pair brawl around ringside. Ziggler looks like he has the upper hand and is about to attack Xavier with a chair when Kofi runs back out with a chair of his own and saves the day. Ziggler cuts another promo reminding us he’s taking on Kofi for the title at Super Showdown. Unfortunately, no one really cares.

– The first match of the night happens almost an hour into the show as Shane squashes one of Roman Reigns’ cousins Lance Anoa’I by choking him out with the Triangle. This was after Shane had rundown the Samoan dynasty and Drew had already kicked the hell out of Anoa’I. After the match he keeps punishing Lance so Roman comes out and Superman Punches both of them and they flee.

– Baron Corbin attacks an injured AJ Styles during an interview.

– Next Brock teases his cash in then learns he has a whole year to do it and decides to leave Seth waiting even longer for the cash in.

– Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross defeat The IIconics via Man Handle Slam.

– Ricochet defeats Cesaro via Dragonrana Pin – best match of the show.

– The Revival gate crash the Usos block party at the request of Naomi. The teams act friendly but party gets heated. Before anything can happen, R Truth appears and everyone tries to pin him for the 24/7 Title.

– Baron Corbin defeats The Miz, Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley to become number one contender via End of Days to Miz. Braun and Bobby are too busy fighting in the crowd to care about this four-way match.

– We have a full episode of the Firefly Funhouse where Bray Wyatt opens up about The Fiend, threatens Abby the Witch and spider walks under a limbo pole held by two uncomfortable looking children. Purely wholesome content here.

– Rey Mysterio will relinquish the US Title next week. Samoa Joe comes out to remind people he will be reclaiming what is his.

– Sami Zayn takes the electric chair. This means he has to answer audience questions that really bore him except for one where he threatens to punch a fan in the face. He even references AEW which the crowd eats up. His answers bring out Seth Rollins who wants to fight. Seth defeats Zayn with two Stomps after a very fun match.


– Kevin Owens opens the show enjoying himself over the damage he has done to the New Day but claims he didn’t attack Big E. Kofi comes out angry at Kevin Owens lies and the pair have a match. Kofi Kingston wins via Trouble in Paradise.

– Mandy Rose defeats Carmella via Roll Up after Sonya Deville distracts Carmella with a magazine.

– R Truth is once again on the run from a bunch of people after his 24/7 title. He once again fights off Jinder Mahal and runs from the crowd.

– Heavy Machinery challenge Daniel Bryan and Rowan to a title match after Bryan cuts another savage promo. The champs refuse to fight. It should also be noted that Rowan was wearing a Sabaton shirt, amazing band.

– R Truth runs into Shane McMahon appreciation day and loses the 24/7 Title to Elias after Shane and Drew beat him up.

– Bayley defeats Lacey Evans via Roll Up after attacking Charlotte who was on commentary. She retreats with her title leaving a very angry Charlotte in the ring. It should also be noted that Lacey and Charlotte had a tea promo earlier in the show.

– Roman Reigns and R Truth defeat Drew McIntyre via Spear to Elias. Roman encourages Truth to pin Elias after the match to reclaim his 24/7 Title and end the show on a happy note.


– Mia Yim defeats Bianca Belair via Protect Your Neck. She is now the first woman to beat Bianca Belair via pin fall. Belair is definitely no longer un-de-feat-ed.

– KUSHIDA defeats Drew Gulak via Gedo Clutch. Gulak is not happy about the result which hopefully means we get a rematch in the near future.

– Lorcan & Burch vs Forgotten Sons ends in no contest as the match erupts into chaos and the Undisputed Era/Street Profits appear.

In Conclusion

It’s been an odd week again. Memorial Day often means low effort from WWE but they seemed to genuinely put some effort in on RAW, even if most people only care about Dancing Brock and Bray Wyatt. SmackDown felt like any other episode, clearly hurt by the Wild Card Rule as the show’s individuality now means nothing. NXT had some fun matches but was more of a hype vehicle for the impending Takeover this weekend. It did not have as much substance as usual. Takeover is coming and hopefully it delivers nicely. WWE need to do something soon since Double or Nothing still looms over the company.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.