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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW Reunion, SmackDown and NXT



WWE was dominated by the RAW Reunion this week. The oddly timed gathering of legends on a regular episode of RAW. There were plenty of one-off moments where legends were just randomly inserted into the show. We also got some hectic 24/7 Title moments, an amazing torch passing moment and some decent throwbacks in the special RAW. Elsewhere SmackDown happened, setting up a ton of SummerSlam matches and NXT continued to be amazing. Let’s get into it shall we?

RAW Reunion

– John Cena opens the show with a heart felt promo about WWE. He is then joined by the Usos and get into a rap battle of sorts. Their rhymes lead to Rikishi coming out, giving a little promo then setting up for the dance. However, before the music, The Revival’s music plays and they come out alongside D Von Dudley. A tag match between the two groups ensues. The Usos win with a little distraction from Rikishi via Uso Splash.

– Santino Marella whips out his cobra for a segment involving Alicia Fox, Torrie Wilson, Dana Brooke and Kaitlyn. It ends with a very disgruntled Drew McIntyre making it go limp. Drew then destroys Cedric Alexander.

– Drake Maverick’s wife assists her husband in reclaiming the 24/7 Title. He then has a run in with the Boogeyman and falls over. Pat Patterson walks through and pins Maverick, claiming the 24/7 Title. Gerald Brisco then takes the belt off Patterson as he’s celebrating, he runs into Kelly Kelly who low blows him and takes the title for herself.

– Meanwhile Mike Kanellis is enjoying some time around the legends, talking to Eric Bischoff and Eve about parenting. Maria comes in, rants about Mike not putting lotion on her belly and storms off. As she does Ron Simmons enters the scene. He surveys Kanellis, steals Jimmy Hart’s megaphone and gives the audience the damn they wanted to see.

– The Viking Raiders kill Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins as Christian commentates.

– Roman Reigns defeats Samoa Joe via Spear. Match of the night as these two really tore into each other. More of this intensity please.

– Seth Rollins embarrasses himself on Miz TV by imitating Paul Heyman and leveling some childish interests about Brock. Heyman appears on the titan tron and mocks Rollins. He then makes an in-person appearance where Seth threatens to Stomp him. He gets a bit more serious by the end and reclaims some credibility.

– RVD, Sgt Slaughter, Kurt Angle and The Hurricane all come out to interrupt Sami Zayn vs Rey Mysterio after Zayn tries to bail. He loses via 619 and Five Star Frog Splash moments later.

– Kelly Kelly lost the 24/7 title to Candice Michelle as it turns out Melina is now a licensed ref. She attacks Kelly but is then submitted by an Alundra Blaze chokehold. She storms off with the belt.

– Bray Wyatt sorry The Fiend hijacks Mick Foley’s promo segment, choking him out with the Mandible Claw. He poses over the fallen Foley before disappearing to the sound of creepy laughter.

– Strowman obliterates a jobber called Randy Rowe.

– Kevin Owens drops a promo from his car challenging Shane to a loser leaves town match at SummerSlam. Or at least it should be. Either way, he puts his career on the line.

– It’s a battle of the Too Sweet as DX and AJ Style’s OC clash. They brawl after Seth vs AJ ends in DQ with DX getting some help from the Kliq. They all celebrate whilst Rollins in left out. At least he became an internet meme right? Wait that’s probably happened before.

– Alundra Blaze is about to bin the 24/7 Title but the Million Dollar Man buys the title off of her instead. However, as he returns to his limo he is attacked by Drake Maverick who reclaims the title and celebrates with his wife. Unfortunately for him, the night comes full circle and Truth rolls him up to take back the 24/7 Tile with some help from Carmella. He jumps in the limo driving off with the title and Maverick’s wife. He’s distraught and confuses Carmella for his wife as she just looks at him disapprovingly.

– Natalya and Becky brawl on A Moment of Bliss. No one is surprised.

– Hogan, Flair and Stone Cold close the show with a toast. Oddly enough, Hogan actually got a decent reception, though that may have been the hometown crowd. Stone Cold sends the crowd off home properly by leading the toast. After the cameras went off he had a lot of beer and soaked the ring. The show loses a hundred points because Psycho Sid didn’t show.


– Shane McMahon accepts Kevin Owens SummerSlam challenge. He then makes a match between Owens and Roman Reigns with Drew as the Special Guest Referee and Elias as the time keeper. The doesn’t really happen as the pair turn on the ref and time keeper. The match ends with Shane getting Stunner-ed twice. A beautiful sight indeed.

– Shawn Michaels is a guest on Miz TV. He talks about legends having fun coming back every now and then. He let’s Dolph talk when he interrupts the segment slagging off legends. He goes off on Shawn and ends up Super Kicking Shawn Michaels after Michaels a second-rate Shawn Michaels. He also hits Miz but Miz actually tries to fight back.

– Shunsuke Nakamura defeats Apollo Crews via Kinshasa in an oddly competitive match. A bit out of left field but an enjoyable enough watch.

– Kofi Kingston re-ignites and old rivalry when he challenges Randy Orton to a title match at SummerSlam. The pair have history and Orton put the brakes on a rivalry in the past. Plus, there’s the infamous “stupid” moment from a previous encounter. Orton accepts the challenge. Oh, and then he has a match with Samoa Joe that ends in DQ when Orton enters trying to RKO Kingston. Joe gets RKO’ed and Orton gets hit with the Trouble in Paradise. Cool enough, I’m sick of Joe being a punching bag though. The man deserves better.

– Ember Moon rolls up Charlotte after Bayley distracts her. Ember looks to be friendly after the Bayley boost but she throws her to Charlotte then Eclipses them both. Charlotte demands a SummerSlam match.

– We finally get to see a live reaction to Firefly Funhouse. Finn Balor is being interviewed in ring after being attacked by Wyatt last week. He discusses Wyatt’s past and challenges the Fiend to a match. Cue the episode and Wyatt accepts on the Fiend’s behalf before the challenged monster makes an appearance himself.


– Jordan Myles defeats Angel Garza to progress to the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament. It’s still really nice to see this happy, energetic version of himself. I’m too used to the more intense Best of the Super Juniors ACH, I mean Myles. Also, he won with a Bridging Deadlift German Suplex. You just don’t see something like that these days in WWE. Post-match Shane Thorne hijacks a commentary headset and brags about himself, threatening a breakout of his own.

– Gargano reveals his 2 out of 3 falls stipulation is a street fight. Later in the show Cole reveals his stipulation isn’t a stipulation as he wants to beat Gargano in a straight forward wrestling match.

– Bianca Belair defeated Xia Li via K.O.D.

– Pete Dunne interrupts Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong as they get in a face off over the North American Title. Dream dismissed Strong issuing an open challenge for the belt. Just for fun he snaps Strong’s fingers and challenges Dream without having to say a word. Regal makes a triple threat for the title at TakeOver.

– Io Shirai destroys Kacy Catanzaro but is attacked by Candice LeRae before she can make the killing blow. When LeRae goes for a chair, Shirai bails.

– Damian Priest defeats Keith Lee via The Reckoning. F***ing hell this was amazing. I often call matches of this nature a Kaiju fight but this felt like something ripped straight from Dragon Ball Z. Exceptional agility, power and deviousness were all on display leading to one of the biggest shock victories in some time. A must watch match from NXT.

In Conclusion

Well there you have it, my thoughts on this week’s WWE programming. It was pretty good all things considered. The RAW Reunion was pretty trashy but it was fun and reminded me that good things were in the past. I want Melina to come back for another run and I can’t complain at seeing Steve Austin, even if he was probably drunk and spouting sentiment. SmackDown was fine and NXT delivered two amazing matches and brought back Pete Dunne. What more could you ask for?

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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