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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (10.14 – 10.18)



Life always finds a way to get in the way sometimes. That’s my excuse for not having WWEekly done last week. I didn’t miss too much though as everyone could read spoilers on the draft, RAW was on auto pilot and NXT saw KUSHIDA get murdered. This week we saw the last half of the draft and the ever-growing build to Crown Jewel, a Saudi Arabia show set on my favourite day of the year… Halloween. So, we got Velasquez antics, Fury antics and more Fiend vs Rollins shenanigans. Because well know people wanted more of that. Let’s get into it shall we?


– Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman sign a contract for their match at Crown Jewel. Braun complains Fury just wants to take the WWE spotlight and breaks a table with his bare hands. Fury quips back by saying he’s at home in any ring and mocks Braun by pretending to struggle to break a pen.

– Becky Lynch and Charlotte fight to decide which brand gets the first draft pick of the night. Charlotte cuts a sarcastic friendship promo then the two start brawling. Charlotte seems to get a little crazy in this match as she can’t seem to keep Becky down and The Man takes advantage by rolling her up. RAW has the top draft pick of the night.

– Ali and Andrade have a fun little match. Both men are exceptional talents and are now on RAW. Andrade wins with the help of Zelina.

– Aleister Black taps our Eric Young with the Dark Ritual in under two minutes.

– The Viking Raiders are now your RAW Tag team champions. They killed off the former tag champs, Ziggler and Roode with Thor’s Hammer to finally give us a proper team holding those titles. We now have news that the AOP have been drafted to RAW. Do I smell a feud coming?

-Shelton Benjamin gets a huge showcase as he gets to have a match with Ricochet. He makes Rico work for his win and looks pretty good in the process. Ultimately it was a predictable contest but Shelton at least gave me a moment to consider he could win. Ricochet wins with Recoil.

– More missing stars in action next as Buddy Murphy battles Cedric Alexander. The best thing here is Murphy actually got the win. There may be no more over the top dubstep music for him but it was sure great to see him A) have his music played in victory and B) actually have a great match on TV again. Murphy is one hell of a talent that WWE seem reluctant to use on the main roster.

– The OC kill the Street Profits as they do their usual narration of events. The Profits are now on RAW so the OC gave them a proper welcome, by kicking the piss out of them. AJ Styles pretends to be celebrating with the Profits then turns the insult on them. It was messy but they used a cart covered in scaffolding to attack them, and I can appreciate that.

– Natalya and Lacey Evans take on the Kabuki Warriors. I have no idea why Evans and Natalya are teaming but I will always be happy to see the Kabuki Warriors in action. Asuka and Kairi Sane were pretty dominant here and they’re taking their new heel side rather well. The Warriors win with a roll up which probably means we’re getting more of this “feud.”

– Seth Rollins gives me even more a reason to hate him as he not only got a no contest in a match designed to have no rules of that nature but has now burnt down RAW’s best chance at being watched. He invaded the Firefly Funhouse, beat up an innocent Bray Wyatt and burnt the Funhouse down. Is Bray just permanently meant to be homeless? Everyone always burns his houses down.


– Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura kick off SmackDown with a bang. They had an IC title match to settle after some Twitter beef got cooked up. The pair had some excellent chemistry going on when King Corbin ruins it all by attacking Reigns. Daniel Bryan comes out to aid Roman and a tag match is made instead. It’s still fun but not quite the same. Bryan gets the win over Nakamura. Probable IC feud brewing here.

– Four teams are in action as Heavy Machinery and The New Day team up to take on The Revival and FORMER RAW Tag team champions Ziggler and Roode. This was an excellent match with a great sense of fun about it. I wasn’t always the biggest Heavy Machinery fan but they’ve really come into their own lately.

– Bayley went full on villain last week, cutting her hair, killing the whacky, waving, inflatable, arm waving tube men and then winning back the SmackDown Women’s title. This week she was on Miz TV with Sasha Banks getting silently frustrated with the Miz lambasting her. Bayley claims that all the universe has done is take from her. She wanted to be a role model, they rejected her, so she just went into it for herself. The roster is lazy in her eyes and she feels she’s outgrown any interpretation people had of her. Ending the segment with one hell of a, “life sucks then you die.”

– Chad Gable kills Curtis Axel. I refuse to talk about Shorty G. It’s a sad attempt at humour, give him a real story instead of this little man stuff. It’s not uplifting, despite their best efforts to make it so. I will say though, when he’s done wrestling Chad Gable should get into motivational speaking.

– Drew Gulak debuted on SmackDown and before he could get into the match, Gulak made a 345-slide presentation on how to avoid getting killed by Tyson Fury. Instead of giving us this rip-roaring PowerPoint presentation, Gulak was destroyed by Braun Strowman. Talk about turning down help.

– Nikki Cross will get to play with Bayley. She won the six-pack challenge to decide a new number one contender. She had to fight off Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to gain her shot. This was fast, frantic and full of action. All six women there did well and Nikki just happened to be the last person to hit a finisher. Good show all round.


– Tommaso Ciampa opens the show with his long awaited in ring return. He looks set to get Goldie back but first he’ll need to get back in the running. His first test, NXT breakout, Angel Garza. The cocky Mexican had been battered by Ciampa last week so it makes sense they’d fight now. Ciampa didn’t look like he wanted to play. He seemed to have a load of fun slowing down the luchador with some throws into the environment. After Garza disrespected him, Ciampa became unhinged and baited Garza into the Willow’s Bell. The Undisputed Era came out post-match to deliver a message, leaving commentary with a flash drive. That drive contained a snuff film of the Undisputed Era taking out the Velveteen Dream. His North American Title match is no more but that match will still go on… against either Dominik Dijakovic or Keith Lee.

– Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch do battle with Imperium next. The NXT UK domineers are still continuing their reign of terror on NXT. Their next targets were Lorcan and Burch. The duo of teams had an excellent, physical bout that sees the Brit-Am brawlers nearly stick it to the elitist Europeans. Excellent if a little messy tag bout.

– NXT’s top non champion villain is out next to kill someone. Io Shirai is still my top pick for next champion and her descent into destruction continues with Kayden Carter. The former Lacey Lane would have an uphill battle if she wanted to make a name off of Shirai. Carter tries to take her fast and fierce offense to Shirai but ultimately Shirai was faster and fiercer (if that’s even a word.) Nice match but I need Shirai to be doing something bigger. And that is when Rhea Ripley makes her presence known. She towers over Shirai after being called out. She plans on decimating Bianca Belair but warns Io to keep her name out of her mouth.

– The kaiju saga continues as we get the “rubber” match between Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic. The pair have blown minds in the past with their previous matches. We’ve seen them to go athletic, seen them go spot fest, this time we saw them get physical. Lee was working the arm and Dijakovic was fighting through it to pull off unimaginable feats of strength. Also Keith Lee hitting a Poison Rana is something else. We saw the duo fighting but then Rodrick Strong just had to be a tool and get the match thrown out. The funny thing is though Regal is now making him fight both of them next week. Suck it Roddy.

– Matt Riddle took on NXT Breakout Bronson Reed next. The NXT Thicc Boy had one hell of a challenge to overcome here. The pair started respectfully before Bronson started throwing strikes. The pair got a lot of shots in at each other before Riddle used his surprising strength to overpower Reed into the Bro-derick.

– Tegan Nox makes her return to the US NXT by battling Taynara Conti or just Taynara, they can’t make their minds up. Either way, she got her ass kicked by Tegan. The Welsh Wonder was back in fighting form and ready to show her in ring skill. The girl with the shiniest wizard won easily.

– Boa wanted some payback after being mauled by Killian Dain so was given a match with him. Bad idea. Boa gave it some heart but Dain broke him.

– Pete Dunne breaks Dain’s fingers on the to his match with Damian Priest. The pair went to war and Priest won by cheating. Give the match a watch as I think it’s better seen than described so go to dailymotion! I mean the WWE Network.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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