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WWEekly – The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (11.25 – 11.29.19)



Well, this it’s the end of Survivor Series season. The last big four event is gone and RAW were left to pick up the pieces as they were the definite losers. SmackDown got to shrug their shoulders in the meh second place and NXT were the winners by far. Now it was time to see what the brands would do to capitalise or rebound from their Survivor Series results and start building towards TLC. Let’s get into it shall we?


– Seth Rollins is interesting for the first time in week’s as he starts attacking the RAW roster for putting in a poor showing against the other brands at Survivor Series. He attacks everyone verbally, leveling insults at Orton, Charlotte and taking shots at the Authors of Pain for not even being present. The whole roster gets fed up and walks off. Kevin Owens appears and smashes Rollins with a Stunner.

– Rusev defies a restraining order to perform a bout of attempted murder. He interrupts a Lashley/Titus match to attack and ends up knocking him off the stage and kicking scaffolding onto him. A better segment from an awful story.

– AOP finally do something by destroying Hawkins and Ryder with the Super Collider.

– Andrade has an excellent match with Akira Tozawa. Winning clean with the Hammerlock DDT. I hope he moves on to a title scene soon.

– Matt Hardy makes a surprising return in a losing effort against Buddy Murphy. Excellent match with Murphy winning with the Kamigoye. After his match, Aleister Black attacks him for knocking on his door. Murphy attempted to call out Black but just got an ass kicking for his troubles. Murphy retreats for now. I cannot wait to see them fight more.

– A regularly scheduled US Title match between Humberto Carrillo and AJ Styles is derailed when the OC attack Carrillo. That match is thrown out and a four way between Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. The OC cost Orton the victory meaning Rey sneaks a pinfall and wins. During Styles vs Mysterio, Orton intervenes hitting Styles with an RKO, handing Rey the victory. Rey is the new US champ and celebrates with Dominick.

– Asuka vs Charlotte happens after Charlotte got misted at Survivor Series and left for dead. This was a fun watch with a frustrated Charlotte being extra aggressive towards Asuka. Eventually it gets to a point where Kairi interferes and Charlotte gets another face full of mist and gets rolled up for the win. Asuka claims victory over the Queen, even if it isn’t a fair win.

– Erick Rowan destroys a local jobber for trying to sneak a peek in his cage.

– The show ends with a match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Owens has Rollins on the ropes when all of a sudden, the AOP invade the ring. They stare down both competitors but only attack Owens.


– Roman Reigns opens the show by addressing the crowd. He offers a happy Thanksgiving and talks about team Smackdown winning the Men’s 5 on 5 on 5 match. He even offers praise to NXT. The positivity ends once he gets to Corbin. The King comes out and gloats about his elimination count. He claims Roman has an ego problem that led to him getting eliminated. Roman wants to fight Corbin but the King wants nothing to do with it so he gets Robert Roode to fight in his place. Roman wins quite easily, hitting a Spear whilst Roode tries to use Corbin’s sceptre. Roode and Ziggler attack post-match but still can’t get the job done. Roman sends Corbin a message by crushing Roode under a pile of rubble with the announcer’s desk.

– Sheamus announces his return to SmackDown. He will be venting his frustrations on a soft roster. A ravager is coming to the brand soon.

– Mustafa Ali defeats Drew Gulak in a fun, if throwaway match.

– Sasha Banks and Bayley pull a Seth Rollins by blaming all the SmackDown women for their failures at Survivor Series. Lacey Evans takes the brunt of the abuse so makes an appearance to run down Banks and Bayley whilst also smashing Banks with a Women’s Right.

– Alexa Bliss returns to save Nikki Cross from a beatdown by Fire and Desire. She’s definitely a welcome return to SmackDown.

– Elias always makes a return to the show by running down Drake Maverick’s attempts to woo Dana Brooke. Sorry mate she’s got the attention of Batista so you have no chance. Either way, Brooke was enjoying the music of Elias. Another happy to see return for the Blue Brand.

– The New Day issue an open challenge to celebrate their five-year anniversary. It’s Black Friday so they decide to offer a team a chance. Nakamura and Cesaro answer the challenge. They come close to winning but Zayn nearly costs them the match and Kofi wins with Trouble in Paradise.

– After a night of reveals and interruptions the YES movement is back in response to Bray Wyatt wanting to play with Daniel Bryan once again. The Fiend has his own beautifully monstrous version of the Universal Title and has added rap to the muscle man dance. When Bryan accepts the challenge, he is dragged under the ring by the Fiend and has part of his hair removed. The show ends with the Fiend halfway through the ring canvas surrounded by Daniel Bryan’s hair.


– So, the show opens with the NXT roster out celebrating their dominant win over the main roster brands. Everyone is out in force as a highlight package plays. Well everyone but the Undisputed Era are celebrating. They are embarrassed by everyone’s actions and claim they’re the only reason NXT was so successful. Ciampa cuts them off and runs them down, warning them that their time is running out. He wants Cole’s title but his speech is cut off by Finn Balor. He wants Ciampa. He gets his match as Ciampa happily accepts.

– The promo segment leads into an NXT Tag Title match between UE and Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic. As the first ad break cuts, Bobby Fish is taken out of the match due to a potential concussion and Roddy mans up to take his place, fighting in jeans and trainers. Shaky start aside, this was an amazing match. Lee and Dijakovic put differences aside to pull out some brutal double team offense whilst the UE worked smart and sneaky to keep ahead of their bigger opponents. Both teams put on a hell of a show. The absolute highlight of the match was Adam Cole trying to run to the ring to interfere only to get pounced into the crowd by Keith Lee. Unfortunately, this was too much of a distraction meaning Undisputed Era could take advantage of Dominik Dijakovic and finish the job.

– Mansoor actually gets a win on NXT TV against Shane Thorne. The breakout Killer’s momentum is taking some hits right now as he racks up loss after loss. The Mighty don’t kneel but Thorne is spending a lot of time on his back.

– Dakota Kai has a new look and theme to go with her new attitude. She saunters to the ring clutching Tegan Nox’s knee brace. She is set to go on one on one with Candice LeRae who wants to get some revenge on Tegan’s behalf. The friendship between the trio is gone and Candice uses this hate to get an early advantage, destroying Dakota. Kai recoups and starts lashing out with kicks to the face of LeRae. I’m surprised Kai didn’t get injured at one point as a planned apron backdrop went hideously wrong and Kai hit the edge and fell to the floor. However, she keeps going and survives what Candice throws at her. Candice kicks out of the Kai-ropractor and the match reaches a stalemate. When Candice goes for a dive, Kai hits her in the head with Nox’s knee brace. She goes on a rampage outside the ring that is halted by Rhea Ripley. She has really become the anti-hero of NXT. This is not quite the dominant heel match I expected but I enjoy seeing the new found aggression of Kai and hope it leads to success.

– Lio Rush has an excellent if pointless match against Akira Tozawa. The match was great but it feels like a stop gap in between now and the next Angel Garza match to keep Lio hot. I must admit though, it’s nice to see Tozawa getting a good showing outside of 205 Live. It’s rare we get to see him in action elsewhere.

– Xia Li wastes Vanessa Borne before being confronted by the Horsewomen of MMA. Li deals with Duke and Shafir but Baszler ends up getting knocked out by Xia Li. Unfortunately, numbers lead to Baszler getting the last laugh and the last shot. Baszler wants to take credit for all of NXT’s exploits at Survivor Series but her spiel brings out the true victor of the weekend, Rhea Ripley. She vows to fight Shayna Baszler again, this time for the NXT Women’s Title. Baszler is not impressed.

– The main events comes next to close the show with a match between Finn Balor and Tomasso Ciampa. This was a decent match, if a bit stilted at times. The pair go hell for leather for about 10 minutes before Adam Cole comes out and costs Ciampa the match. He poses with Balor but when he tries to get too chummy, Balor kicks him in the head and walks off. He’s clearly in business for himself.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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