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WWEekly- The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (8.19 – 8.21.19)



Well, it’s time for the King of the Ring tournament. Across RAW and SmackDown we saw the tournament start it’s first round matches alongside the usual slew of matches and segments. Alongside that was another strong episode of NXT. It’s a very simple week to describe for an intro so let’s waste no time and get into it.


– Roman Reigns defeats Dolph Ziggler via Spear. A fun little match to open the show, Dolph meshed well with Roman and the pair put on something enjoyable. Normally, you’d see these names and groan but both were firing on all cylinders.

– The Fiend wipes out Jerry The King Lawler with the Mandible Claw. He has had a habit of shutting down legend segments and he even caught a running Lawler. The torches stunned Lawler on the stage leaving him open to The Fiend’s attack.

– Becky Lynch rips into Sasha Banks whilst also praising her as a competitor but threatens to make her pay for attacking her. Sasha Banks gives an interview later in the show explaining her actions but instead focuses on her blue hair. Banks refuses to address her attacks on Lynch and Natalya. The Banks Saga of the night ends with Natalya once again being attacked by Banks during an interview.

– Ricochet & the Miz defeat Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre via Recoil.

– Rey Mysterio gives an interview about considering retirement and ends it by embracing his son. He talks him out of giving up the mask. He also talks about wanting to team with Rey.

– AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman ends in DQ after the OC interferes. The pair put on a decent showing before Rollins appears to even the odds when the OC attacks. The pair later team up and win the RAW Tag Titles in the main event of the show, dethroning Gallows and Anderson.

– R Truth messes up an Elias concert to prompt 24/7 Title shenanigans. The performance was meant to be Elias’ farewell gig but instead it just meant we got more chaos from WWE’s most entertaining title.

– The New Day and The Revival fight again. Randy Orton appears mid match to deliver an RKO. Kofi Kingston follows suit and all breaks down. Unfortunately, I struggled to care. Then they tortured Kofi by making him watch Woods get his leg broken. That was much more entertaining.

– Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville via The Purge.

– King of the Ring Match: Samoa Joe defeats Cesaro via Coquina Clutch.

– King of the Ring Match: Cedric Alexander defeats Sami Zayn via Lumbar Check.


– SmackDown opens with more Orton vs Kingston hype. Orton is running down Kingston in ring as he is want to do, bringing out the champion. Randy may be one of the only people to make the word stupid sound sinister. They end up brawling and the Revival make the save as Kofi looks ready to break Orton’s ankle.

– More 24/7 Title shenanigans as Drake Maverick tries to hunt for his lost title and its current holder Elias. However, Elias has had the rules suspended because of King of the Ring. Shane McMahon manages to ruin another thing.

– King of the Ring Match: Andrade defeats Apollo Crews via Hammerlock DDT. This was a very fun and very competitive match. It sucks that both men aren’t getting the TV time they deserve.

– Charlotte Flair can’t keep her nose out of the title scene and challenges Bayley on a Moment of Bliss. The segment also sees her run-down Trish Stratus after beating her at SummerSlam. Charlotte claims to be the brand despite Bayley being the champ. Bayley accepts and pushes Charlotte off her chair.

– Rowan and Daniel Bryan attack Buddy Murphy back stage. The pair have a match later in the night that Murphy would shock the world with by beating Bryan with Murphy’s Law. It was also one hell of a match to watch too. Murphy just needs to keep getting TV time as he steals the show. Later on in the night Bryan and Rowan reveal who Roman’s attacker is, a Rowan lookalike or kind of lookalike.

– The Revival defeat Heavy Machinery via Roll Up.

– Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn form an alliance on Miz TV. The pair beat down the Miz on his own show. Their alliance makes very little sense but hey it might get Nakamura screen time. He gets very little despite being the IC champion.

– King of the Ring Match: Before the match even happens, Kevin Owens manages to get Shane McMahon to reconsider the fine. The pair seem to be starting to get along since Shane isn’t being an insufferable asshat just yet. That soon changes when Shane makes himself a guest enforcer. He gives Elias a fast count so he beats Owens with a roll up, screwing him out of being King of the Ring.


– Undisputed Era open the show as Adam Cole has some words for the NXT Universe. He brags about giving the greatest performance at TakeOver and being the greatest NXT Champion of all time. The rest of the Era talk about getting screwed out of titles and their golden prophecy. It was also noted that Street Profits pinned the illegal member of Undisputed Era. Despite all the call outs, no one interrupts them until they plan to leave. Jordan Myles, the breakout tournament winner comes out to tease Adam Cole with a challenge. Cole practically laughs in his face. Myles makes the challenge anyway, forcing Cole to pick up the contract.

– Mansoor makes his first NXT appearance since winning the largest Battle Royale at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. He is murdered by Damian Priest. Well I say that, he fares better than Priest’s usual opponent. He manages to get in a lot of licks before Priest destroys him with a Lariat and ends it with the Reckoning. Priest is clearly going to be a big deal in NXT very soon and I cannot wait to see it.

– There’s a reminder that NXT will be going live on USA as a two-hour show. I wish them the best with this change and hope the show keeps going strong.

– Mia Yim defeats Vanessa Borne via Protect Your Neck. Vanessa Borne starts strong after interference from Aliyah but makes the mistake of pissing of Mia Yim. Shayna Baszler appears after the match, offering Yim a spot in the Horsewomen. When she refuses, they all beat her down.
– Shane Thorne defeats Bronson Reed via Running Knee/Kick. Talk about a revival huh? Ever since Thorne came back, attacking the breakouts, he’s been on fire. This time he beat fellow Aussie and NXT’s Thick Boy, Bronson Reed. After the match, Velveteen Dream appears out of nowhere to gloat about his victory over Pete Dunne. He also challenges Roderick Strong to impress him.

– Killian Dain defeats Matt Riddle via Triple Vader Bomb. This was a war. Nothing pretty here but plenty of spots, strikes, submission and sadism. Both men wanted to kill each other and both men came close. In the end Dain practically caused internal bleeding to Riddle by crushing his ribs on the ring steps and then following up with the Vader Bombs. Riddle wouldn’t stay down though and gave chase ending the show on Dain’s back.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, another week of WWE reviewed. It was one of the strongest in recent weeks and the addition of the King of the Ring tournament has done a lot to boost interest. The surprise wins and not so surprise wins are nice and the little twists and turns to keep the shows interesting. NXT was on fire, offering great matches and a slew of upcoming title matches. Hopefully we keep getting shows of this quality going forward as it makes life easier and these things easier to write.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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