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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (9.16 – 9.18.19)



What a week it’s been. We had the RAW after Clash of Champions, a loaded SmackDown and the first ever live NXT. It was title challenges and title matches galore as all three shows tried to fire on all cylinders. WWEekly will move to Friday’s temporarily as I have to account for the UK delay on NXT now but is due for another re-shuffle when SmackDown moves to FOX. For now though, let’s focus on the present and get into it.


– RAW opened with Seth Rollins talking about losing the Tag Titles and his victory over Strowman. Seth tries to make Braun sound tough but it just comes off as condescending. Then he breaks into The Fiend’s attack after the main event. He then talks about them going into Hell in a Cell. That proclamation is interrupted by a special episode of Firefly Funhouse. Seth tries to argue with Bray but he is being ignored. Rambling Rabbit tries to hint at something darker. Bray infers there might be more Fiend on show tonight. Return he did as Rollins was dog-piled by Dolph Ziggler and the OC after beating Robert Roode in a match. However, the Demon of Tennessee, who’s hometown RAW was taking place in, Kane made a save. Kane didn’t last though as he fell victim to The Fiend who choked him out with the Mandible Claw. The list of names the Fiend has taken out continues to grow and we may see Seth’s name added to that list very soon…

– Braun Strowman kills all the tag team champions during some kind of summit. They ran their mouths then the Monster among men killed them all. Go tag team wrestling! Sigh. Oh, and Robert Roode fled to save his skin.

– The Viking Raiders get a proper match as they team with Cedric Alexander to take on the OC. They get an excellent showing but AJ wins by hitting a Phenomenal Forearm on Cedric. Post-match the OC attack Cedric again but end up brawling with The Viking Raiders and Ivar takes everyone out with a top rope Senton. In-ring, Cedric tries to attack AJ but gets killed with a second rope Styles Clash.

– Baron Corbin is your 2019 King of the Ring. No one was very happy about it but I think it was the right call. Gable gave it his own but was unable to overcome Corbin. In fact, this was a really enjoyable match and Gable stands to be made a top face following this.

– We get the Kanellis’ gender reveal party. The Street Profits are there and a bunch of other people. Shock and horror, it turns out Mike just might not be the father. The baby is a boy and it is heavily implied throughout the segments that Mike ain’t the child. In fact, Maria straight out says Ricochet is the father. Ricochet denies it but an angry Mike challenges him to a match. Ricochet doesn’t really want to fight but defends himself and wins very easily. After the “match” Maria scolds Mike once again for not being man enough. Maria is about to reveal the real father when Rusev makes a surprise return and kills Mike even more. It saddens me to write that the crowd didn’t care. Maybe the story is killing them all. Also, Mike has become the cuckold icon once again as he was okay with Rusev being the father.

– Rey Mysterio and Cesaro have an awesome match. Rey wins with a Sunset Bomb. Nothing more to say, the match speaks for itself.

– Lacey Evans beats Dana Brooke. This is no big achievement as Dana Brooke is beaten by everyone. She looked good in this match but obviously Lacey is the one they want to push. Evans sends a message to Natalya by beating Brooke with the Sharpshooter.

– Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss are beaten by Bayley and Sasha Banks as Cross gets caught in the Bank Statement. They plan on attacking her post-match but the whole thing turns into chair wars as Becky and Charlotte look to inflict some pain. Becky and Charlotte stand tall.

– There is a video package about the Authors of Pain. They are dressed in suits, oozing gangster movie intensity and speak in their native language. They talk about where they’ve been and explain that no one is man enough to fight them. They want to fight but will not be given any opportunity so they will start taking them. At this point, I’ll accept that as bar the OC, the RAW tag division is a mess.


– Kevin Owens gets into a battle of words with Shane McMahon after Shane addresses the wrongful dismissal suit Owens has filed against him. Owens takes great joy in taunting Shane over the fact he tapped out. Owens is also sure he’ll win the suit and teases Shane with an emphatic “you’re fired.”

– Erick Rowan, donned in a Cannibal Corpse vest, does an interview with Michael Cole following the victory at Clash of Champions. Rowan talks about his attacks being meant to scare Roman. He threatens Cole when Cole gets mouthy and talks about going out to gain respect and bring change to the balance of dominance of SmackDown. Rowan no longer wants to be a goon or puppet. He’s going to lead now; it seems he has Harper to lead too. They actually beat down Bryan and Roman later in the show.

– Shinsuke Nakamura kills Ali before they are set to have a match. Zayn gives him a strong introduction again. Also, meant to mention this during the Clash of Champions match, I love the cape he now wears. Zayn distracts Ali by talking about him getting a shock win over Nakamura a few weeks back. Ali tries to fight back but it’s a two on one situation.

– Chad Gable crashes the Baron Corbin coronation. Corbin laps up every bit of hate he gets and gives the ultimate delusional heel speech. He is also in full royal mode. He tries to mock Chad Gable after claiming he wants to give him some recognition. Gable doesn’t take too kindly to the jabs and destroys the set, robe and the scepter. Best of all he destroys the crown. I told you, top face Gable.

– Charlotte Flair beat up Bayley on RAW, now she set her sights on Sasha Banks. Charlotte looks set to kill Sasha. Bayley gets the match thrown out and the pair beat down Charlotte. Carmella comes and makes the save, attacking someone she once called a close friend. Bayley seems confused and hurt by this.

– Heavy Machinery kills the B Team.

– New Day defeat the Revival and Randy Orton but Paul Heyman calls out Kofi and challenges him to a WWE Title match for the FOX debut of SmackDown. Kofi accepts and Brock ends up attacking him with an F 5. Kofi is losing that title. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope he does. The WWE title needs a reset.

NXT (This feels good, the best brand is now on TV)

– The show opens with a four-way fight to find Shayna Baszler’s next contender. We see a war between Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, Mia Yim and Candice LeRae. War is the accurate term too as all four women try to murder one another. There is a tower of doom spot, Poison-ranas, finishers and more as everyone fights for the title shot. LeRae gets the surprise win with a Cabrada on Mia Yim. She now has a title shot at Baszler’s title. The champ makes an appearance with her Horsewomen to remind LeRae what she has to deal with. I was hoping Rhea Ripley would appear but unfortunately not.

– Cameron Grimes is out again and this time he kills Sean Maluta. I still love his hat. The match lasts five-seconds including the pin. 1 move and Maluta is dead.

– Roderick Strong fulfills the Undisputed Era’s prophecy of gold as he dethrones Velveteen Dream for the North American Title. They put on a masterful match of technical grappling, stiff striking and Back Breakers galore. Even the crowd was torn as it was about 50/50 between Dream and the Undisputed Era. The pair got dirty too, using the environment and mind games to their advantage. Ultimately, it was the appearance of the rest of the Era that aided Strong in his victory and a ref bump. Well, it would of but Dream kicked out of End of Heartache. So, a Cole Superkick and second End of Heartache had to do it. As a TV debut main event this was ace. Well-paced, dramatic and full of intensity. Look at all the gold on Undisputed Era now.

– Pete Dunne battles Arturo Ruas next. The martial arts master took the fight to Dunne and had another good showing. Both men went technical then strike then technical again. I now want more Ruas in the future. Dunne won with the finger breaker submission.

– Xia Li kicked Aliyah’s ass next. Xia kicks the life out of Aliyah and ends the match with the Cyclone Kick. Great little showcase for LI who is consistently improving.

– That is followed by the most hyper man I’ve ever seen in NXT, Denzel Dejournette. He was set to fight KUSHIDA but Imperium murdered Denzel before he could even appear. NXT UK’s top faction has staked its flag in NXT. KUSHIDA did square up to WALTER though which was the tease of a lifetime.

– Lio Rush is back and will now be fighting for the Cruiserweight title as he won a number one contenders match against Oney Lorcan. After a grueling fight that saw Lorcan take Rush to the limit, he was able to win with the Dragon’s Call Frog Splash. This was absolutely amazing and I welcome back Rush as a breath of fresh air to the Cruiserweight division. It’s excellent to see him wrestling again.

– Killian Dain vs Matt Riddle basically becomes a giant brawl that ends the show on a chaotic note. The two fight into the outside area. They interrupt an Imperium sit down that sees WALTER attack Matt Riddle. However, that attack spurs one multiple others as Street Profits, Forgotten Sons and Pete Dunne all start fighting too. It is a mass of carnage that sees the match thrown out. Then it gets back to the arena and even more bodies join the fight. It only ends when Dain pulls of the mother of all Suicide Dives. What a way to close the show.

So, there you have it, one of the busiest week’s in WWE history to cover but look it has been done. RAW and SmackDown were fun but all the congratulations should go to NXT. They killed it with there first show and managed to pull off a show that showcased the stalwarts of the brand bring in some surprise appearances and even bring in the cruiserweights. Their show may be on the kill list but it looks like NXT will open its door to them and give them the chance to defend it there. Plus, we got the tease of WALTER vs KUSHIDA and the continuation of the Dain vs Riddle feud. It all felt slick, professional and totally HHH. I hope it keeps going strong and can’t wait to see more. Also good job RAW and SmackDown for not being crap.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.