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WWN ‘ Style Battle: Season 1 Finale’ Preview



The first season of Style Battle comes to a close tonight with a final tournament to determine the winner of season one. Darby Allin sustained an injury yesterday and will be replaced by AR Fox as a result. You can order the show through Fite TV or Club WWN.

A Block
Keith Lee vs Nick Gage
Matt Riddle vs Dave Crist

B Block
Jason Kincade vs Anthony Henry
AR Fox vs Tracer X

Also Signed:
WildKat Sports & Entertainment vs Freelance Wrestling
Curt Matthews & Jared Wayne vs Matt Knicks & Stevie Fierce

Robert McCauley hasn't missed an NJPW show since the launch of NJPW World. Always be on the look out for his reviews where he shares results and gives his honest opinions on the goings-on of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.