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WWN Supershow ‘Mercury Rising 2018’ event results



The madness continues inside of the Pontchatrain Hotel in New Orleans with WWN’s annual Supershow ‘Mercury Rising’. Here are your quick results for the show.

6-Man Tag Team Match (Dragon Gate Rules)
AR Fox, DJZ & Trey Miguel defeat Austin Theory, Travis Banks & Zachary Wentz

This one is being billed as a match between the guys who will be running the independent scene in 2018. Everybody had their moments here but it was Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz who really stood out there. WWN really wants to push that new blood and this was another example of them doing it here. There was a lot of crazy stuff here involving all six-men at the same time in what was a fast paced match as you can imagine. DJZ got the win for his team after hitting Wentz with a 450 splash.

After this match is over and everyone has headed to the back, Jason Kincaid comes out. He’s attacked by Jarek 1:20 who comes out with Candy Cartwright. Kindcaid is handcuffed to the guardrail and beaten until a team of officials come out to save him from further harm.

Singles Match
Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Munenori Sawa

This is Sabre’s first match since having his 404-day reign as Evolve Champion ended by Matt Riddle last night at Evolve 102 and it’s also his last match for Evolve, for now. Don’t be surprised if he revisits for a comeback match or two in the distant future. But for now, we’re calling it his last match and it comes against a more than worthy opponent in Sawa. Sabre went out with a victory, tapping out Sawa with Orienteering With Naplam Death.

New Orleans Street Fight
WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & James Drake) defeat Catch Point (Dominic Garrini & Tracy Williams) vs. the End (Odinson & Parrow)

The WorkHorseman get the victory after Henry hits a Double Stomp on Odison through a table.

Shine Championship Match
LuFisto (c) defeats Holidead

LuFisto wins via pinfall after hitting Burning Hammer. Kimber Lee came out after the match to engage in a staredown with the longest reigning champion in Shine history. They will compete in the main event of Shine 50 on April 27th. That’s pretty awesome news if you ask me.

Singles Match
Keith Lee vs. Daisuke Sekimoto defeats Keith Lee

Sekimoto gets the pinfall via a Bridging German. This was a true “Hoss Fight”.

Nick Gage came in to attack Lee and anyone else that got in his way after the match. They go head-to-head tommorrow at Style Battle.

Evolve Tag Team Championship Match
Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) (c) vs. Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER)

Doom Patrol retains here after hitting Death Trap on Thatcher. Tracy Williams is fired from Catch Point after the match.

Evolve Championship Match
Matt Riddle defeats Will Ospreay

Riddle retains via Bromission in his second defense (of the day) as Evolve Champion. If this match is any indication of how the Riddle Era is going to go, then sign us all up. They really ran with the legit Ospreay neck injury angle in this one getting the crowd super invested in the match. I would highly recommend checking this match out as soon as humanly possible. It will definitely be in the running for match of the weekend when it’s all said and done.

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